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Earn and learn via a fabulous WSP apprenticeship

Earn and learn via a fabulous WSP apprenticeship

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Apprenticeships provide a great way to combine work with study. They enable the apprentice to gain experience at the same time as taking nationally recognised qualifications and earning a salary.

WSP's apprentice development scheme is supported by its senior management and tailored to its apprentices. This ensures the opportunities provide the right support, guidance and development needed for an apprentice to prosper in their career.

A large part of learning is on-the-job practical experience and working on live projects. WSP provides dedicated, structured courses to support apprentices during the transition from study to a business environment.

Degree apprenticeship

WSP's degree apprenticeship enables individual to work towards a BEng or BSc at university via one of the following subject areas:

  • Civil Engineering degree apprenticeship
  • Building Services design degree apprenticeship
  • Chartered Surveyor degree apprenticeship
  • Project Management degree apprenticeship
  • Rail Engineering degree apprenticeship
  • Environmental Practice degree apprenticeship

The scheme is designed to provide specialist technical training, business and professional skills.

Entry requirements are three A Levels (or equivalent qualification type) at grade BBC with a grade C minimum in maths or further maths; or a BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 at grades DDM (or above) in an engineering-related subject with a further maths component (for engineering subjects).

Advanced apprenticeship

WSP's advanced apprenticeship involves a structured learning programme of both company training and college teaching. Individuals study towards a BTEC Level 3 (the equivalent of A Levels) in building services, civil engineering, transport planning, rail design, surveying or business administration over a two-to-three-year period on either a block- or day-release basis.

Apprentices have an opportunity to learn new skills using specialist software and taking concepts, ideas and designs to make them a reality. The experience WSP offers provides a great career start. On completion of the advanced apprenticeship, there is also the potential to study towards a degree.

Entry requirements are 5 GCSEs at grade C or Level 5 or above which must include English, maths, science, with a grade B or Level 6 or above in maths.

Gaining a qualification while working

Meet Fatima, a WSP Business Admin Apprentice in the Land Referencing Team in Manchester, UK

What made you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I always knew I wanted to apply for an apprenticeship as I liked the idea of being able to work and gain a qualification alongside. I believe that experience is vital, so by doing an apprenticeship you can gain experience as well as a qualification and learn 100 other things that you wouldn't whilst you are studying full time at university You also gain experience in working with many different people and projects all around the world.

What sort of projects do you get involved with?

I am currently working on HS2 phase 2A, there are always different tasks to be getting on with working in 2A, previously I have worked on projects in Ireland and I also have several roles of Project management which allows me to gain an insight of what career I would want to pursue. At WSP there is no task that is too big for any colleague, you are fully entrusted with workload and given support all the way through if required.

What do you like best about your apprenticeship with WSP? 

For me it has definitely been the support system around me, everyone at WSP is very friendly and willing to help they will drop what they are doing to ensure you are comfortable and understand different aspects. Being such a huge organisation WSP treats everyone with equality, I feel like I am treated the same as every other employee at WSP, which makes me more motivated to work harder and learn new things from people around me. 

What are you looking forward to? What is your next career step?

After I complete my business administration, I am wanting to pursue a degree apprenticeship at WSP in project management and work my way up the ladder, which WSP has already been supportive with and getting me prepared to climb the next step on the ladder. I am looking forward to continuing learning more on different projects, working with WSP and expanding my knowledge on land referencing and project management.

Applying real-life experience in learning

Meet Bethany, an undergraduate Engineer in the Rail Track Team in Guildford, UK

What made you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I always knew that I didn't want to go to university and since leaving school I knew I wanted to do something in engineering. During my work experience I worked for a civil engineering company and I feel in love with it. This meant I started to research a career in engineering and found out that an apprenticeship would be the best thing for me. This allowed me to do my degree alongside working, giving me the chance to apply real-life experience into my learning.

What sort of projects do you get involved with?

I am part of the track team and work on different projects, which has included HS2. I do not have one particular job and project that I work on, I therefore work on a variety of different ones within my team. My role involves working with many members of my team and helping them to complete the various projects. Recently I have been doing checks on phase 1 & 2a in HS2 (a UK high-speed railway system). Working across different projects is helping me gain greater understanding and experience.

What do you like best about your apprenticeship with WSP? 

I enjoy my apprenticeship as my team are very supportive. If I am ever struggling either in my daily job or with University work, I always have someone who will help. As well as earning my University qualification, I also have the opportunity to gain additional qualifications too. There are so many opportunities. Due to varying projects I get to learn new things and get to work with a bunch of new people. 

What are you looking forward to? What is your next career step?

I am looking forward to completing my Beng in civil engineering. Once I have completed this degree I hope to build on my experiences and grow in my career. I also hope that I can explore the different avenues in Civil Engineering.

Combine work with study with a WSP apprenticeship

WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms.

The company has worked on many high-profile UK projects including the London Olympic & Paralympic Route Network, The Shard, Crossrail, and the redevelopment of London Bridge Station.

Access pioneering projects with a WSP apprenticeship and secure your place.


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