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Bring your whole self to work at M&G Investments

“Our role as an employer is very simple - to provide the right environment for talented people to do their best work. We respect and value your individual differences.”
Martin Firstbrook, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Bring your whole self to work

"Being able to share your personal life with colleagues is a key part of building effective working relationships; you only get back as much as you give in life..."
Jonathan McClelland, Executive Sponsor

Investing in your development is just the beginning

Attracting and retaining top talent is vital to M&G's continuing success. They provide an environment where their employees can reach their potential, both personally and professionally. Your career success rests in your own hands and a great deal of support is available to help you develop. A wide range of resources exists to help you build the right skills and experiences to achieve both your own and our goals. M&G's dedicated Learning and Talent Development team are always available to help you find the most suitable training and development.

M&G and the community

“We encourage everyone at M&G to play their part in creating a climate for enterprise, prosperity and the improved well-being of the community.”
Anna Emtage, Charity and Community Relations Manager

It's important to M&G that they continue to support charitable and community activities in the arts, education and welfare, children and youth, heritage and the environment. They also encourage their employees in their charitable activities and our overall donations. Theye set up a Staff Charity Fund in 1992 to support smaller charities that would otherwise struggle to achieve funding or are connected to M&G staff or its local offices.

“What makes the Staff Charity Fund so special is that it brings us together to make a difference to our communities. Many of our staff have close personal connections to the charities we help, and it’s a great feeling to know that their colleagues are supporting them.”Rajmeet Bhatti (Chair of the M&G Staff Charity Fund Committee)

The Fund is financed solely through the generosity of M&G staff who make monthly donations through the Give As You Earn scheme.

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