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Hanna’s team walks the walk for inclusion at Oracle

Hanna’s team walks the walk for inclusion at Oracle

 February 24, 2021

Hanna was on the job hunt when she spotted that Oracle was looking for Java developers. She’s now been with Oracle ERP Cloud Development team for over a year, and has plenty to report back.

Her team is still hiring in the Philippines, so Oracle sat down with her (virtually!) to hear what she thinks about life as an Oracle developer—and to find out why other women should follow in her footsteps.

First impressions

“What really hooked me and made me want to work here was Oracle’s reputable name, and the fact that they were hiring developers to be part of a pioneer team in Manila,” she begins. “I've been here for a year now, and the way I see it, Oracle maintains a very fast-paced environment. I get to work with a diverse set of people from different teams across the globe. And a big thing is that Oracle encourages its employees to work passionately, offering us free certifications and training to stay at the top of our game.”

Something which quickly resonated with Hanna and helped her thrive in her new work environment was the co-operation between her and her teammates. “I think the collaboration and open communication among our members is what makes working in this team a breeze. I can honestly say that everyone is dependable and shares a real camaraderie; we’re willing to assist anyone in need.”

The culture

While technology tends to be seen as a male-dominated industry, Hanna feels that her team dynamic is far from exclusionary—quite the opposite in fact. She finds it both refreshing and motivating that her colleagues actively seek out her perspective, and appreciate what she brings to the table.

“My team recognizes each individual's unique talents and skills,” she shares. “Having diverse skill sets, experiences, and ways of thinking definitely helps us to be more effective.”

Her experiences so far have proven to her that that Oracle doesn’t just pay lip service to the importance of diversity and inclusion. “In terms of inclusiveness and breaking barriers, Oracle is not just all talk,” she states. “I've seen actions tackling important race and gender issues. We also have groups like Oracle Women's Leadership (OWL), which focuses on empowering women leaders in the workplace.”

To be truly inclusive, Hanna feels that employers need to level the playing field by providing their people with strong support and resources. “Oracle makes sure all their employees are well taken care of,” she emphasizes. “We have career, health, and wellness programs, as well as good benefits and pay.”

The work

Aside from the supportive work environment, what inspires Hanna to do better every day, is Oracle’s customers.

“Nothing is more rewarding than closing a service request knowing the customer was satisfied with the solution we provided,” she describes. “I work with customer bugs and service requests to ensure quality service for all our customers. Since I mostly work on financials localization of our ERP Cloud, our work requires precision and accuracy, especially when dealing with large amounts of transactions and tax reports across various countries across Europe, Latin America, and Asia.”

The impact and reach of Hanna’s work never fails to awe her. “With Oracle's huge customer base, it's amazing to think that the success of my work contributes to stories playing out all around the world, helping big companies and new start-ups to nail their financial reports.”

The day-to-day

Hanna explains that her ERP Cloud team is composed of around 40 members who are divided into sub-teams of both developers and quality assurance developers.

“Everyone is diligent with their tasks and helps one another since our team is relatively new. Throughout the day, I handle different customer bug fixes and service requests, attend daily stand up and other meetings, and eat lunch with the team by noon (prior to the pandemic).”

Before things went virtual, Hanna and her team liked to socialize together; something which has helped her find even more fulfilment in her work.

“We'd organize office parties to have fun and play games,” she shares. “At the end of the day, your work is made easier by teammates you can rely on and get on with. It adds an extra layer of joy to the feeling of accomplishment I get when I complete a task.”

Words to live by

Given that Hanna places such value on learning from other people’s perspectives, Oracle asked her what career advice she’d like to share with readers. Her answer contained a profound truth.

“Prioritize learning,” she instructs. “Knowledge is the one thing that no one can take away from you and the one thing that grows more as you share it with others. It's what makes you irreplaceable as a company asset, and it’s the catalyst for a successful future.”

And finally, to answer the first question, why should women developers join her team?

“At Oracle you’ll never run out of opportunities that will push you to grow out of your comfort zone. You’ll discover so much more about yourself,” she confirms. “Plus, Oracle is such a global force that you’ll get incredible exposure to different cultures. If you want to be part of the future of tech, be part of Oracle.”

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