"Dont be afraid to challenge" says Bazaarvoices Monika Lakyte

"Don't be afraid to challenge" says Bazaarvoice's Monika Lakyte

 March 03, 2021

Bazaarvoice believes its company is stronger together.

Employees bring their whole selves to the mission and find values in diverse perspectives. The company champions what’s best for Bazaarvoice before individuals or teams, and believes as a stronger company it builds a stronger community. 

To celebrate and highlight some of the inspirational women at Bazaarvoice, the company showcases Monika Lakyte, Human Resources Generalist, who is a member of Bazaarvoice's People and Talent Team based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

What impact have role models had on you in your career?

I think not everyone needs to have a role model to be inspired. Personally, I couldn’t name one, although I had some great examples in my life. At a very early stage of my career though, I created a role model myself. I noted what I want to achieve, how I want to be perceived, what professional qualities I want to demonstrate and assigned timelines for my career milestones. I made a dream future version of myself and tried to stick to it. I would say, it turned out well, however it was difficult to admit and adjust when something was not going according to my plan.

What piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to change it and don’t give up if it is not working well at the beginning.

Admitting that you need help is your strength rather than weakness.

Be bold and challenge when you think it is needed. By doing so, you can become a part of something great.

Name a time where you have had to challenge a status quo or a situation that was unfair?

Being an HR professional, I had so many situations in my life when I had a moral fight going on inside me. Once, I even resigned because the company’s moral standards were not corresponding to my personal values. There was one case in my early career that taught me not to be afraid to challenge a situation I am uncomfortable with. 

I was a new HR Assistant and was going on a business trip with more senior colleagues. Their behavior was unacceptable during the whole trip, but they were trusted by top leadership. Once back in the office, I went to their manager and reported the situation, although I had serious doubts that it would be my word against theirs. The situation escalated and was investigated, my action prevented future misconducts and I’m proud that I spoke out.

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