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HCL launches their Women Lead program in North America

HCL launches their Women Lead program in North America

 March 16, 2021

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HCL Technologies launches its Women Lead flagship program in North America - expanding on its two chapters Women Lead Nordics and the inaugural Women Lead Australia.

Women Lead is a global endeavor to give women an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and to be part of a powerful global network. The program also helps women rise to leadership roles across government and corporate organizations.

By enabling a sustainable ecosystem, which HCL calls the Circle of Influence, the company is committed to providing learning, mentorship and guidance to aspiring executives to bridge the gap and nurture others like them.

Offering mentoring and networking to women

Women Lead includes a formal, exclusive, one-to-one mentorship program to guide women executives aspiring for leadership roles across organizations, industries, and regions.

Through the creation of an online community, Women Lead also connects participants both to various chapters of the initiative and to the wider world of business. This facilitates networking, sharing of ideas, learning, experiences, and more. From conducting webinars, workshops, and leadership sessions, it connects industry leaders with aspiring women leaders.

Women Lead also partnered with the all-female rowing team Dutchess of the Sea that enabled Women Lead participants to meet the team via a virtual event. Further partnerships include Finnish women's football team HJK Helsinki, empowering women both on and off the pitch.

Receive support in your career at HCL

Women empowerment is an important part of HCL's holistic diversity agenda. The company believes in initiating changes that will play a pivotal role in this direction.

HCL is committed to women empowerment and celebrating the contribution of women in the organization, while enabling women to succeed through supportive programs such as Women Lead, ASCEND and STEPPING STONES.

Find out more about how HCL supports its female employees then search their latest job opportunities.


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