Northrop Grumman magazine wins employee communication award

Northrop Grumman magazine wins employee communication award

 April 20, 2021

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One is Northrop Grumman’s employee magazine. This is a space where Northrop Grumman can talk about the things that are most important to its employees: its incredible people, its technology, its commitment to communities and its dedication to the company mission.

Northrop Grumman’s One had to adjust to the realities of the COVID-19 lockdown. Employees chose to spotlight workforce diversity on its cover. The results have won the award in the ‘Magazine’ category of Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards. The award features exceptional internal communications campaigns, content and initiatives that keep a — remote or in-person — engaged and informed, especially throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Creating a special people-focused edition

The Q2 issue was delayed because of the ever-changing environment caused by COVID-19. Employees used the challenges as an opportunity to reevaluate the type of stories it wanted to tell, as well as how to tell them.

Northrop Grumman employees decided to create a people-focused special edition—the “Summer” issue of One Magazine. Under the editorial theme “We Are One,” the issue would share stories of employee impact across Northrop Grumman, shaped by the unprecedented circumstances surrounding them.

The team wanted to feature employees on the cover to showcase the diversity of Northrop Grumman’s people. Rather than selecting a single employee to feature, the staff printed six different covers, each featuring a different employee on the front; each employee provided a quote, which was featured on the back cover.

Online views of the digital version of the issue’s stories were collectively significantly higher than that of the company's most recent issue (2020 Q1) - a 400% increase.

Encouraging collaboration and a unified company culture

The magazine was launched in February 2019 and is printed quarterly. It is distributed to Northrop Grumman employees at nearly 200 domestic and international sites.

One replaces three previous magazines that served individual sectors within the company, resulting in operational efficiency and cost savings.

True to its name, the magazine is a vehicle for Northrop Grumman to tell better and more holistic stories across the company, encouraging collaboration and a unified company culture.

Work for a company with a collaborative and inclusive focus

Northrop Grumman supports teams in a workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusion to promote innovation and increase productivity and profitability.

Find your unique place at Northrop Grumman by researching their latest job vacancies.


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