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Enabling the energy transition with Eaton’s Delphine Clement

Enabling the energy transition with Eaton’s Delphine Clement

 April 23, 2021

In conversation with Where Women Work, Delphine explains her role focusing on the energy transition and digital innovation, as well as why she loves continuously learning in her career and how Eaton’s culture has helped her reach where she is today.­­­

The rise of renewables and electrification

“We’re in the midst of a very exciting time for the global energy transition—a period of decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization,” says Delphine. “The growth of renewables and the electrification of sectors like transport, buildings, and industry will completely change the energy landscape. It’s a true power revolution and it’s already started”.

Clearly passionate about Eaton’s contribution to the global energy transition and how it’s evolving as a company to support transformation across multiple industries, Delphine is deeply involved in this innovative space. Currently, she’s playing a key leadership role in Eaton’s new ‘Buildings as a Grid’ strategy.

“Today’s buildings are becoming tomorrow’s energy hubs,” she says. “They’ll play an increasingly important part in balancing supply and demand across the grid, as distributed and intermittent renewables make up more and more of our energy mix”.

As leader of Eaton’s Commercial and Industrial Buildings segment, Delphine is responsible for driving strategy development, identifying market opportunities, keeping pace with innovation, and forging strong partnerships. She also implements Eaton’s sales organization strategy at a local level, overseeing marketing campaigns that drive thought leadership and demand generation.

“By investing in local renewable generation, as well as Eaton solutions like energy storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging points, and intelligent energy management systems, building owners can explore lucrative new areas. It’s a huge opportunity. They can support decarbonization and capitalize on the rise of electric transport, while also reselling excess power into the grid and offering services to utilities that add essential flexibility to the power system”.

Innovating for a sustainable future

Delphine’s work on ‘Buildings as a Grid’ is just a piece of Eaton’s larger energy transition strategy: ‘Everything as a Grid’.

“I’m thrilled to be part of Eaton’s global approach,” she comments. “Across the board, we’re helping customers safely integrate more renewables, energy storage, and EV infrastructure to drive sustainability while lowering costs. We’re also solving some of today’s most urgent power management challenges by enabling customers to harness connected devices, data, and insights more intelligently”.

According to Delphine, the energy transition is a particularly fast-growing area of innovation in EMEA and this has only been accelerated by COVID-19.

“It’s fascinating to work on exciting developments like sector coupling and the future of mobility that are really taking hold in our region,” she adds. “It’s very rewarding to see our work supporting the global energy transition and Eaton’s vision for a greener and more digital future”.

Thriving on new and varied career opportunities

Delphine is a dynamic and enthusiastic person, who enjoys discovering and learning new things. That makes her varied work across different markets, customers, and technologies a great fit. “Right now, I’m supporting an emerging sector with an all-new revenue model,” she says. “That means I’m learning every day—and I love it! We’re bringing organization and structure to something completely new”.

This ability to embrace fresh opportunities with passion and curiosity is something Delphine feels Eaton values enormously. “I think a desire to keep learning is a key attribute for anyone who wants to join Eaton. It’s one of the factors that helps us remain a market leader”.

For Delphine, Eaton’s culture also makes it a great place to work, particularly the value it places on sustainability and diversity and inclusion. “I think bringing together people with varied ideas, experiences, and viewpoints lies at the heart of our ability to attract global talent, to innovate, and to drive sustainable growth. For instance, while I have colleagues who love focusing on a specific domain, I’ve always chosen to keep moving and to develop skills in new areas. Eaton really supports both approach”.

Delphine’s flexible mindset has enabled her to gather a wealth of experience across many different fields, supporting companies in both Europe and Asia. After starting out working on industrial projects, Delphine later moved into supply chain management which ultimately brought her to Eaton. Since then she’s worked in operations and sales, before taking on her current position.

“I never had a precise career path in mind, only a clear idea that I didn’t want to stay in the same area for too long,” she adds. “It’s something I’ve kept working towards—always grasping new business opportunities. I couldn’t imagine doing what I’m doing now ten years ago, but it’s enormous fun and I get to work with some incredibly inspiring people”.

Be confident and believe in your own self-worth

Delphine has some great career advice to offer. “As a woman who’s had the opportunity to mentor many wonderful women, I think it’s really important to be self-confident and to trust in your own competence and capabilities. I’ve been very lucky to have the support of leaders at Eaton who believed in me—actually, I think some of my managers believed in me more than I did,” she reflects.

Finally, Delphine cites some wise words from Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and author of Lean In, a book she highly recommends: “Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential”.

Delphine also encourages others to remember the importance of a good work/life balance. As a mother of three boys between two and twelve years old, her free time is always precious. “While I can have long working days during the week, it’s very important for me to spend quality time with my family during weekends and holidays,” she insists, “whether that’s a day trip into the mountains or traveling abroad for a longer break”.

Working at Eaton

There is no better time to join Buildings as a Grid team at Eaton! Would you like to be part of this global energy transition revolution?

Like Delphine, women at Eaton are tackling some of the toughest challenges on the planet and using their skills and expertise to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

If that sounds like your perfect career move, why not explore the latest job opportunities with Eaton?


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