Silvia Prieto enjoys working at Schneider Electric

 August 18, 2016

Silvia Prieto is an Engineering team leader and manages 13 people (project managers and scada/product engineers). She started her career as a product engineer, installing electrical meters onsite. She came to the UK to study English and then found her role, and after only 2 years was successfully promoted to manager level.

Schneider Electric is environmentally responsible

Silvia says she works for a "green company" because she believes that what she delivers ultimately has a positive impact on co2 emissions, and she helps identify inefficiencies in electrical networks. "I’m a strong believer in environmental responsibility," explains Silvia.

A career in the STEM sector

When Silvia was a young child she always enjoyed science and was generally curious about how and why things work, so she decided to try to follow a scientific path and looked for something she would enjoy. Silvia has friends and family who had worked in engineering, so she moved into electronic engineering (electrical components + programming) and undertook a four year degree in Spain where she also worked for SCADAS HVAC systems, a partner of Siemens programming and testing and was involved in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and third party integration of fire and illumination control.

Great development at Schneider Electric

"Schneider Electric ia a very good company to work for. There are lots of great development and support programmes for women and the company is recognised as a leading champion for diversity," states Silvia who is a strong advocate for more women entering the engineering sector as she believes that companies with a higher percentage of women are more innovative. "Science is beautiful," she declares "but there aren't enough women in the STEM sector, especially in customer-facing roles. Companies and governments should go into schools and talk to girls explain what engineers do and explaining the range of career opportunities available." 

A more gender-balanced workforce

Silvia is a very positive and highly motivated woman who believes in gender equality. "Don’t be afraid, thinking it’s a man’s world. While older generations may traditionally have been more dominant in the workforce, new generations are more gender-balanced and so women should always follow their dreams."

A friendly, team-orientated woman, Silvia is set for great heights in her career.

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