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HCL women discuss balancing a professional career & motherhood

HCL women discuss balancing a professional career & motherhood

 May 06, 2021

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“Can you have it both?”

This question was posed by at an HCL Technologies Women Connect session focusing on the topic of ‘The Working Mother Challenges'.

Overcoming challenges as working mothers

Led by Professional Business and Life Coach, Agnieszka Pater, the virtual session included key tips on how working mothers might overcome common challenges experienced when trying to forge a fulfilling professional and personal life.

HCL women ideapreneurs from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, and Portugal came together for the session, and shared their unique stories to learn from each other.

Advancing and connecting women 

HCL Women Connect is a diversity-oriented program that contributes towards HCL's gender diversity agenda.

The program aims to engage and advance women through development programs, and advocates a gender neutral work environment by suggesting appropriate policies as well as positioning HCL as an employer of choice by women across the globe. The group also coaches and counsels aspiring young women professionals, shares experiences on work/life priorities and includes life coach support, daycare in office premises, concierge services, and policies such as extended maternity leave, work from home, flexible careers and flexible work hours.

Work for a company that supports women

Women Connect is one of many initiatives at HCL Technologies that helps advance the personal and professional ambitions of female employees. Further initiatives include ASCEND that helps increase the representation of women in senior management, and STEPPING STONES a career development program to enable mid-level female employees to realize their career aspirations and potential.

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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.

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