Medtronic hires diverse female talent into its culture of inclusivity

Medtronic hires diverse female talent into its culture of inclusivity

 May 06, 2021

As a global leader in healthcare technology, Medronic believes an inclusive and equitable workplace is key to creating innovative technologies and solutions for patients around the world.

This belief is encapsulated in the company's 2020 Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Report.

"We have a duty to enable all employees to feel a deep sense of inclusion and belonging and to have an equitable opportunity for career development," writes Dr. Sally Saba, Medtronic Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, in the report.

"When it comes to inclusion and diversity, there is no room for complacency and there are no simple solutions to systemic inequities," adds Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha.

Medtronic CEO - Geoff Martha

Fostering deep sense of belonging in employees

The report states that Medtronic can only deliver on its Mission when it supports people in reaching their full potential.

For Medtronic, this starts with its employees. The company works to foster a deep sense of belonging for all employees. Medtronic believes that improving health for people from all walks of life depends on the company's ability to unleash the creative power of its diverse global employees.

"We take this work seriously, because we know that inclusion, diversity, and equity aren’t just concepts. They affect our people on a day-to-day basis. We try to find a balance between doing what’s right and then finding a way to do it even better," explains Patty McPhee, VP, Talent & Leadership Development at Medtronic.

"We support our employees as they manage their career through different life stages. Our job is to ensure that talent is not walking away and leaving the workforce because they can’t find balance or career advancement here," adds Carol Surface, Medtronic Chief Human Resources Officer.

Highlights of diversity and inclusion efforts

Highlights of Medtronic's diversity and inclusion efforts in fiscal year 2020 include:

  • Achieving 100% gender pay equity in a number of countries, including the United States and 99% gender pay equity globally. In the United States Medtronic also achieved 99% ethnicity pay equity and the company is committed to closing all pay equity gaps
  • Earning the prestigious Catalyst award for the company's robust approach to supporting and accelerating progress for women in the workplace
  • Continuing to evolve its development programs, expanding to include more styles of learning and stages of careers
  • Supporting 22,000+ employees involved in 12 employee resource groups. Medtronic's Diversity Networks are focused globally on advancing the careers of women, LGBTQ+ and on ethnically diverse talent in the United States. Each Network is led by a member of the Executive Committee and has strategic goals aligned to business objectives.
  • Accelerating progress toward diverse representation: Ethnically diverse talent held 23% of U.S. management and above positions at Medtronic while globally, women represented 50% of Medtronic's workforce, 39% of its management positions, and 32% of revenue-generating management functions

Forge a career at a company with a long-term DE&I commitment 

Inclusion, diversity and equity powers the potential of Medtronic's people. It’s ingrained into how the company operates - with every part of our organization contributing to its success and accelerating its progress. Medronic strengthens its business by hiring and developing diverse talent.

Discover your unique place at Medtronic - find an exciting job position with the company.


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