NTUs Dr Ali Bowes on impact of pandemic on womens sport

NTU's Dr Ali Bowes on impact of pandemic on women's sport

 May 11, 2021

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Dr Ali Bowes, senior lecturer in sociology of sport at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), is quoted in the media on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on female athletes and women's sport.

Dr. Bowes supervises research dissertations in the sociology of sport, primarily around women's sport, related to media coverage, social media, gender and sexuality, professionalisation and commercialisation.

Exploring the difficulties faced by women in elite sports

Dr Ali Bowes NTU

In an article published by BBC News, Dr Bowes [pictured above] assures that "there are absolutely concerns women will walk away" from their sport due to difficulties faced throughout the pandemic.

She goes on to add that "It's one year on from lockdown and it's really obvious where the inequalities exist."

The article cites Dr Bowes's research that explores the impact of the pandemic on elite women's sport. Her research finds that women had problems accessing equipment, a gender "play" gap where men's sport returned faster and financial difficulties for women who were unable to play. 

However, Dr Bowes is optimistic that discussions about the problems in women's sport, and the difficulties athletes face can lead to positive change. 

She explains that "there's also been significant forward steps, and it's put equality really on the agenda for lots of sports organisations, teams, clubs and national governing bodies. There's no hiding place now."

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