There's always something new to learn at McDonald's says Rainer

 May 20, 2021

A career at McDonald’s enables employees to enhance their skills and unlock their potential, which can sometimes take them to high levels within the company. 

Rainer, McDonald’s Business Manager based in the United Kingdom, has accelerated her leadership career. 

She has worked at McDonald’s since she was 17 years old. When she first started, she was quite shy. "I didn’t have much confidence I’d do well at work. In fact, my mom had to push me to take the job," she explains.

"There's always something new to learn. It was all about mindset, your coaching behaviors, how things make you feel. It's challenging what you think you know," says Rainer.

"Looking back, I’m so glad I took a chance on McDonald’s."

Looking for ways to better serve customers and crew

Rainer is the Business Manager of a restaurant and crew. "I absolutely love working with my team and being out on the restaurant floor. I’ve been told I’m a great leader and I’m always looking for ways to better serve my customers, as well as my crew," she explains.

More than anything, McDonald’s has truly given Rainer the confidence and encouraged her to put herself out there.

"I’m excited to continue to grow as a leader and a person at McDonald’s," she says.

Grow as a leader at McDonald's

Regardless of where someone starts at McDonald’s, every employee has an opportunity to grow and progress through a variety of pathways. From apprenticeship opportunities, to language and technical skill training, to support for continuing education - McDonald's is committed to helping employees continue their path forward.

Take an exciting career path with McDonald's, starting with one of their latest job opportunities.


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