Find out about Schneider Electrics global virtual student experience

Find out about Schneider Electric's global virtual student experience

 June 01, 2021

Jenny Au and Rachel O’Neill are the organizers of Schneider Electric’s Global Virtual Student Experience.

Jenny is the Global Employer Branding Manager and Rachel is the Global University Relations Manager. They are excited to expand the digital footprint of Schneider Electric through this experience, and they share what to expect from it.

The Schneider Global Student Experience is designed to provides students with a way to engage with employees at Schneider Electric through e-learning and simulated projects. On this journey, participants can learn more about what it takes to be in sales & marketing, services, or supply chain business areas, all the while learning skills that participants can take with them for their next project, interview, or internship.

What to expect from Schneider Electric’s Global Virtual Student Experience

Top learning you can use in your career: 
Through professional learning courses that are designed for employees. These courses can be used for personal and/or professional development.

Feedback from professionals in the field: 
After participants send time on the stimulated project, Schneider Electric provides them with useful feedback. Schneider Electric's industry experts will review and provide participants with insightful comments that they can take with them – for schoolwork, for their next internship or even the next interview with at Schneider Electric.


In order to be considered and accepted into the Schneider Global Student Experience, participants must meet the following requirements.

  • Current undergraduate or masters student
  • Interest in sales & marketing, supply chain, or services ​
  • Interest in learning skills and knowledge used in the workplace
  • Interest in finding out what makes work meaningful at Schneider Electric
  • Proficient in English (written and spoken)

Career routes to take

Sales & Marketing: 
Discover Schneider Electric customers and partners, understand the value chain and learn how to influence a business. For all those seeking a basic knowledge and understanding of selling.

Learn about how Schneider Electric maintains and improves system reliability, productivity, comfort, and efficiency. Schneider Electric provides a sneak peek into its services business including its power, automation, and control, and building life cycle service solutions.

Supply Chain: 
Understand how to meet the challenges of today’s digital economy, where customers want both products and services quickly and tailored to their unique specifications, and how Schneider Electric has fundamentally reimagined its Digital Supply Chain.

“The world is constantly changing, thus we should never stop learning. Energy management is crucial these days and the Schneider Global Student Experience gives you a great insight to it. But most importantly, it makes you feel part of something big and motivates you to take part in the changes to be done," says Mercedes Arévalo, former student experience participant and now Software Engineer Intern at Schneider Electric in Spain.

Take part in Schneider Electric's Global Student Experience

Schneider Electric's Global Student Experience is the perfect opportunity to explore possible career paths and get your foot in the door with the company.

Find out more or apply for one of the many jobs with Schneider Electric.


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