Medtronic celebrates Pride Month and employee diversity

Medtronic celebrates Pride Month and employee diversity

 June 15, 2021

Annually Medtronic celebrates Pride Month and celebrates the uniqueness of its employees. The company also applauds the achievements of its diverse talent and supports their journey to be their true selves. 

One employee leading the way in Clinical Research is Paola [pictured above]. "I am committed to being part of a culture that embraces Diversity and Inclusion. In my career with Medtronic and as an LGBTQ+ community member, I advocate and empower people to appreciate and respect differences amongst us," says Paola. "Diversity of all kinds matters - everyone deserves equal opportunities to have a safe place to thrive and grow."

Medtronic PRIDE Network enables employees be their authentic selves

Medtronic Pride employee resource group

At Medtronic, Employee Resource Groups like the PRIDE Network build solid cross-company relationships, connecting employees with career knowledge they can’t get anywhere else. Like Jessica Hait, who "could not be more proud" to work for Medtronic. 

Proud to work at Medtronic

Medtronic jobs

Medtronic's culture is highly supportive of the well-being of its people and provides meaningful opportunities to contribute to society. 

Leading diverse teams

Medtronic pride

Carmen has been leading the way in transforming the customer experience for Medtronic.

Being empowered to be an LGBTQ+ ally

Meanwhile, Marketing Program Manager Tuhina Chakrabarti has been leading the way in Customer Experience at Medtronic.

She has been empowered by Medtronic to develop both personally and professionally, while also advocating for the LGBTQ+ community as an ally.

Part of Medtronic's PRIDE leadership team

Jobs at Medtronic

Employee Resource Groups like PRIDE build solid cross-company relationships, connecting you with career knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

Lorena De Marino values that Medtronic seeks and respects the voice of its people.

Strengthening Medtronic's internal and global community 

Eric Orrington, Medtronic Program Director, has been leading the way in Business Planning and, thanks to Medtronic, his identity does not limit his career.

In fact, Medtronic has given him a platform to step up and strengthen the company's internal community while benchmarking with global industry leaders.

Join a diverse team of innovators at Medtronic 

Medtronic works hard to cultivate a diverse workforce that reflects its patients and partners. The company believes diversity is key to driving drive healthcare forward and remaining a global leader in medical technology and solutions.

Join a diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, unique backgrounds, and individual life experiences to work every day.

Search the rewarding jobs at Medtronic.


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