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Hear about the Arcadis careers of Silvia Gioja and Anette Beijaard

Hear about the Arcadis careers of Silvia Gioja and Anette Beijaard

 June 24, 2021

Construction is an industry that is still largely dominated by men with statistics showing that women comprise only around 10% of this overall global workforce. But, Arcadis has a strong commitment as a business to drive innovation and leadership through a diverse workforce.

Arcadis is proud that two of its women employees won the prestigious Women in Construction and Engineering Awards (WICE). Anette Beijaard was awarded the WICE Award for Best Woman in Highways, and Silvia Gioja won Best Woman in Tunnelling & Underground Construction.

Proud of its diverse people-first culture

Mobility is a key business area at Arcadis and the company develops sustainable and innovative solutions to transform the way people around and between cities. Specifically, Arcadis creates value in the mobility space by addressing such trends that are impacting it such as climate change, digitalization, and urbanization. The work Anette and Silvia do is key to designing, realizing and managing assets that optimize the mobility of people and goods – this includes roads, heavy & light rail, airports and ports.

Arcadis prides itself on being a People First culture and Arcadis believes diversity drives innovation and leadership.  A key aspect of its “Maximizing Impact” strategy is achieving >40% target of women in our workforce. Having a flexible approach to work, allows its people to work in a way that suits their needs now and in the future. Therefore empowering employees to work in a way that creates a positive life balance.

Growing her career while caring for a newborn

Silvia Gioja started her career in Italy in infrastructure and buildings and over the years specialized in tunneling and underground construction projects. In 2018, she joined Arcadis in Antwerp and in just three years progressed from a BIM Coordinator to BIM lead for Belgium’s infrastructure team, making 3D models of the tunnels in Flanders helping to better design and maintain these assets. During this time she also became a mother and greatly values that at Arcadis she was able to grow her career while meeting the obligations of caring for a newborn.

On winning the award Silvia Gioja, Best Woman in Tunnelling and Underground Construction says: “I’m so thrilled to win the WICE Award, not just for myself, but also those people who have supported me over the years. I recognize it doesn’t stop here, and I’d like to help create a path for more women to explore careers in our industry. Hopefully showing through my example how we can be resilient, have a growth mindset, multi-task and work on inspiring projects that truly make a difference!”

Driven by empowering others to grow and succeed

Anette Beijaard began her career working as a maintenance team leader on a power plant. She has had a diverse and exciting career spanning 18 years, 11 of which have been at Arcadis in various leadership roles in the Netherlands, most recently as Head of the Advisory Group for Road and Rail combined with the interim Head Advisory of Overhead Wiring and Underground Infrastructure. Anette is passionate about all things technical and finds immense pride in collaborative work.  She is driven by empowering others to grow and succeed and is most proud of the work she has done to help her colleagues and teams be successful in their work.

“The infrastructure sector and the people in it are pretty ‘conservative’ with the approach - if something works, why change it. I hope to inspire them and challenge them to change, to step outside comfort zones and explore new opportunities that can only help us grow. Just step by step. I also think it’s important to contribute towards creating an open and level playing field for all talented people to have opportunities and belief in their capabilities – irrespective of their gender, age and background," adds Anette.

Join inspirational women like Silvia and Anette at Arcadis

Arcadis is committed to increasing the gender balance in its workforce, to support and encourage women’s active participation in its projects. Arcadis values and recognizes the contribution women make across Arcadis, and will continue to strive to create an environment where all of its people can be at their best professionally and personally - as did Arcadis' two inspiring WICE award winners.

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