Capgemini cloud expert Elizabeth Gage has an entrepreneurial spirit

Capgemini cloud expert Elizabeth Gage has an entrepreneurial spirit

 July 01, 2021

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Elizabeth Gage is the Cloud Tower Lead for one of Capgemini's largest Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution (CPRD) customers.

Elizabeth discusses understanding her clients' perspectives while sharing her own.

What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

My day is a mix of relationship building, delivery, sales, and solutioning (along with a lot of coffee). I get to work with teams across Capgemini, the client, and our technology partners. Right now, that includes ServiceNow, Microsoft, and AWS – and we are working on getting Google Cloud Platform in the mix.

What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?

The entrepreneurial nature of the company. Helping our clients solve their problems and being able to create solutions to suit the customers’ needs and not just what we have delivered before.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

One of our pillars of delivery is collaboration and that is something that means a lot to me. Being in delivery I want to collaborate with my clients, understand their perspectives, and be able to share mine. Those are the types of partnerships that really make things happen and we are able to build things together.

How are you working towards the future you want?

I’ve taken on a role that challenges me to keep growing. That’s something that I always look for in a project. As part of that, I’m learning about new technology and services that Capgemini provides and building to cloud.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini?

Always be willing to learn and don’t underestimate what you can learn from the people around you, both your clients and your colleagues. I encourage people to keep being curious and exploring things that you may know nothing about. The way technology changes mean there are constant opportunities to do something new and Capgemini is a company that embraces those opportunities with open arms.

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