Capgemini employees unite to support LGBT+ community

Capgemini employees unite to support LGBT+ community

 July 01, 2021

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Capgemini understands that Pride month is about being proud of who you are no matter who you love. It is an opportunity for teaching tolerance and continuing to move forward in equality.

Capgemini's Together in Pride video highlights the bond between the LGBT+ community and their allies, and employees share what that means to them.

"I believe we can become truly inclusive when we treat everyone equally irrespective of who they are and who they love," says Satinder.

Sharing advice on how to be a better ally

At Capgemini, everyone is empowered to come together to support equality. Employees share their advice on how to be better allies to the LGBT+ community.

"My advice to anyone wanting to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community is to make it visible. Wear your rainbows with pride," adds Susan.

"If you don't know the answer, ask someone to explain it to you," adds Ranu. "If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologize. No one is perfect, but it is always better to ask."

"Work every day for support inclusive behaviors. Enjoy your journey, be an ally," explains Alessandra.

"If you want to be an ally of the LGBT+ community, you can already start by finding out about the groups that exist in your country," says Sophie.

Using their work to create a more gender equal society

Capgemini employees are also redefining the norms through the work they do at the company. Like Krystianne, who is working to create an equal workplace that supports not only current employees but the future workforce.

Meanwhile, Harishri drew on the support of Capgemini's LGBT+ employee resource group OUTfront.

"I needed to equip my team with some resources," she explains. "And while looking for these resources, I discovered the wonderful OUTfront ally group." Harishri immediately signed up to be an ally, and she has found a "tremendous amount" of support and help from the group.

"It's time that we celebrate differences and embrace people for who they are as that's the only way to grow together," adds Manushree.

Enabling employees to be their true selves at work

Capgemini Pride

Capgemini's focus on diversity, inclusion and equality has helped employee Kaisa, who is able to be the best version of herself both personally and professionally.

"When I can be my true self at work every day, I am more fun. I'm more engaged, I'm more productive," she says. "Who wouldn't want to work with a colleague like that?"

Be empowered to show your Pride at Capgemini

Capgemini believes the factors that make people different are a source of innovation and creativity. They enable employees to generate new ideas, anticipate market trends and be thought leaders in their chosen markets. 

Be yourself in a career at Capgemini.


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