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Avanade’s impressive growth in the Nordic region

 October 10, 2016

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Avanade’s Nordic region has been experiencing substantial growth over recent years, with Avanade Sweden in particular achieving impressive growth.

Three women leaders from Avanade's Nordic region explain the company's model for growth: Åsa  Arvidsson, Avanade Sweden managing director, Marianne Lindhard Moe Avanade's Denmark managing director and Lena Lundgreen, Avanade Norway's country manager.

“Much of the growth stems from our digital business," explains Åsa Arvidsson. "Avanade Sweden is a market leader in digital transformation. We support clients with the implementation of IoT solutions combining analytics and machine learning, many of whom are transforming their organisation and are investing in platforms to be able to change how they communicate with their customers. We combine the best of Avanade globally to help them on this journey and provide both advisory and deep technical insights to achieve the best results. It's exciting to be help companies innovate so the result drives change in their segment of the market.”

Attracting a wide pool of talent

Åsa is quick to add that the success of the Nordic region comes down to its exceptional people. “We have very talented people managing relationships with our clients. Our objective is to continue our growth and build on our success - but to do this we will need to attract a broader and wider selection of talent.”

Lena Lundgreen reaffirms the importance of a strong and diverse pool of talent. “Success comes down to people. At Avanade we are focused on the big picture, our clients, attracting strong and diverse talent and delivering exceptional digital solutions and services."

Talent that reflects the customer base

As a leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences with over 29,000 digitally connected people across 23 countries, Avanade is committed to attracting talent that best reflects their culture and clients. Avanade’s progressive environment embraces diversity in a range of skills and perspectives and this serves as a catalyst for delivering innovative solutions.

Marianne Lindhard Moe says that Avanade attracts a diverse pool of female talent. “While on one hand there is a shortage of women in technology, there is actually a greater talent pool of women working in the digital arena - particularly with regard to front-end developers, customer relationship managers and within the digital marketing space. At Avanade, we also have strong female representation in delivery management in Denmark.”

Gender diversity in technology is not just a nice to have, it’s a requirement for growth. Åsa explains that Avanade's clients are changing. "Increasingly, we see more and more women stakeholders and it is essential that we match this dynamic in order to have the right conversations." Avanade's IT traineeships in Sweden recently attracted a 50-50 gender split.

Nordic women in technology

Avanade has defined a number of programs to support and develop women, such as their 15 for 15 STEM scholarship program, as well as various Women Returner technology workshops and mentoring programs. Marianne Lindhard Moe sits on the steering committee for the Danish IT association (ITB) which is focused on getting more women into senior levels of the IT sector. “Women need to be educated and better informed about the wide range of opportunities in the technology sector in terms of emerging roles and the excellent career possibilities. Technology is about innovation, change, project management and delivery - and these are certainly areas where women can thrive,” suggests Marianne.

Lena Lundgreen actively participates in a women’s network in Oslo in Norway that host events and encourages women to join the technology sector. “It is important for Avanade to be part of this arena. Female role models and strong communities are essential to promote diversity in technology,” she states.

Technology is changing swiftly so if you’d like to explore some of the new roles available and work on cutting edge digital projects with Avanade, research their current vacancies.

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