Clouderas Women in Data event series sees insightful conversation

Cloudera's Women in Data event series sees insightful conversation

 July 07, 2021

Cloudera hosted an insightful event as part of its popular Women in Data series.

The event saw Justyna Lebedyk, Commerzbank Vice President Senior Product Owner Big Data and Advanced Analytics [pictured above top left] share her knowledge and experience with event host Cloudera Solutions Engineer, Sruthi Mohan [pictured above]

At Cloudera, they strive to promote the diversity of their communities and foster an environment where everyone feels they can be their authentic selves. They want to showcase the incredible talent that they come into contact with on a daily basis amongst their teams and clients. That’s why they are proud of their Women in Data series of events that celebrates the influential women behind the data strategies of some of the EMEA’s most recognised organisations.

Discussing diversity and career 

Justyna offered her views on the question: Does diversity win?

She spoke about how she was able to successfully navigate a career in two male dominated sectors - technology and finance - and discussed what it truly means to work in a diverse team.

She also explained why we all need to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations, and she also explored her career to date and the challenges and opportunities that she had embraced.

Justyna also spoke about why we need to champion diversity in all its forms - and how individuals, businesses and communities benefit from different ways of thinking.

The event concluded with a Q&A where participants put forward their questions to Justyna.

Working towards a more innovative and inspiring world

When asked about her views on diversity, Justyna said that our world could be a lot more innovative, inspiring and colourful if we allowed more space for the people who may not fit within a standard scheme.

"Diversity is a great opportunity if you are open to learn from each other - to see there is another path you can take - and why not try it out," she said. "Leave your comfort zone behind you and make something new. If this is nothing for you - OK," she added. "Fail fast. No one forces you to change yourself, just to try it out and maybe you will like your new one - a new door will open."

Rethinking ideas from different perspectives

On the topic of working in diverse teams, Justyna said that every day she works with people who do not act like her. "They work faster or slower, they don't accept my proposals, they say "no", they challenge me - and this is so important to give them the opportunity and the room," she explained.

"And thanks to them, I can rethink my ideas. For example, a simple question, why does it take so long, helps me to see the process from a different perspective. Maybe there is a way to speed-up the process, to work more efficiently."

Reflecting on workplace strategies of male colleagues

Cloudera data

Finally, Justyna shared what she has learned from male colleagues: self-confidence and the ability to talk about achievements.

For Justyna, if she practices and repeats things often, then she becomes more confident - such as what she is going to present.

In terms of talking about achievements, if Justyna has done a presentation where 80% of it goes well, she doesn't focus on the missing 20%. Instead, she emphasises the positives, and the hard work and effort she invested into her work.

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Work for a company championing women leaders 

Cloudera strives to promote the diversity of its communities and foster an environment where everyone feels they can be their authentic selves.

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