Capgemini CEO: Importance of hybrid working and future of work

Capgemini CEO: Importance of hybrid working and future of work

 July 13, 2021

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Capgemini CEO Aiman Ezzat spoke on Squawk Box, CNBC's morning news and talk program, to discuss the office of the future and hybrid working.

He shared key points covered by CEOs, academics and experts in Conversations for Tomorrow which focuses on ‘The Future of Work’.

He discussed how Capgemini is working towards a progressive shift to a hybrid model combined with more empathetic management and suggested that, without the hybrid work model, companies will lose their existing talent pool.

Capgemini's CEO also mentioned that if companies adopt the hybrid work model, they need to prioritize employee mental health and wellbeing to avoid burn-out, overworking, and an inability to disconnect from work at home. He identified parameters that companies might implement, such as allowing employees to take some Fridays off, or avoiding meetings beyond a certain hour.

Enjoy flexible working at Capgemini

Capgemini understands the importance of achieving work life harmony, and that flexible working policies are essential to feeling healthy, supported and motivated each day.

If this model suits your work style and expectations, search jobs at Capgemini.


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