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WSP civil engineer Soledad Berbel Roman helps mitigate flood risk

WSP civil engineer Soledad Berbel Roman helps mitigate flood risk

 July 20, 2021

Working to manage risks in water infrastructure can be a hugely exciting and rewarding area to work within WSP. For example, did you know that WSP is using latest sensor-based technology to help build resilience against effects of climate change and to help cities mitigate against flood risk?

One area seeing some great innovation is smart drains and this sees ultrasonic sensors fitted inside gullies at high risk of flooding. These sensors provide real time data, indicating silt levels and water flow levels. The data (wirelessly) networks with sensor hubs, which sit above the gullies being monitored. All data is forwarded to an Internet of Things dashboard to provide live data feeds; any blockages, or potential blockages, are flagged by the system.

The right drains can then be emptied at the right time - and this can make a significant difference to any community.

Soledad Berbel Roman is a Principal Engineer at WSP

One woman working within this very area for WSP is Soledad Berbel Roman. She is a Principal Engineer and a specialist in building city resilience, through holistic whole-of-water-cycle management and climate adaptation strategies. She uses her interdisciplinary background in Civil Engineering, Hydro-Informatics and Water Management to aid cities capture, restore and enhance ecosystem services into urban landscapes for economic, social and environmental benefits for the wider community.

"By exploiting the opportunities presented by the latest smart sensor technology and Big Data / IoT, we’ve designed a system that is setting the stage for the council to more proactively manage flood risk. It’s been hugely satisfying to be involved in a project that aims to build Wokingham’s resilience to climate change, helping to create a safer environment for people, and protecting homes and businesses" says Soledad on her recent project for Wokingham Borough Council.

A highlight in Soledad’s career was being selected for the 2018 Copenhagen Urban Lab challenge. She was picked as part of a team of eight young professionals with different backgrounds from around the world. During nine intensive days, the team developed innovative solutions to urban resiliency challenges in flood-risk management.

“It was an excellent opportunity and we applied our approach, using the case study of the Amager Beach Park, a seaside public park in Copenhagen. We were able to be really creative and after nine intensive days of work, we presented our designs to key stakeholders, including Danish local authorities, water companies and members of the International Water Association,” explains Soledad.

WSP offers tremendous careers opportunities in Water

If you are looking for a career in Water as interesting as Soledad’s, there are diverse range of opportunities at WSP in the UK. The team has opportunities across a number of areas including the below and new roles often get added, so keep an eye on out for new opportunities.

  • Flood Risk Engineers
  • Drainage Engineers
  • Fluvial Geomorphologists
  • Coastal Geomorphologists
  • River/Scour Engineers
  • Hydraulic Modellers
  • Project Managers
  • Environmental Engineer

Work for WSP

WSP takes a holistic approach to managing and minimising the use of water resources.

Check out their latest job vacancies and join their talented water team.



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