Amazon graduates work in a fast-paced work environment to solve real-world technical and business problems for consumers

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Solve complex real-world problems as an Amazon graduate

Innovation is part of Amazon's DNA, which is why it's become the global company it it today.

Amazon hires brightest minds from the best universities around the world. As a university graduate, you'll have multiple opportunities to innovate and solve complex real-world technical and business problems at Amazon. 

Amazon gives graduates the chance to own your own development based on your achievements and to make a real business impact through analysing data, influencing others, and working in teams.

The work environment at Amazon is fast-paced and constantly evolving, and every Amazonian is passionate about ownership and delivering results for the company. If you want to work in an environment that'll challenge you to relentlessly improve the Amazon experience for its customers, where each day is different from the next, and your learning never truly ends, take a look at Amazon’s many university opportunities.

Find your place at Amazon

Amazon hires graduates into full time positions in various divisions across the business. These include:

  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Seller Services
  • Finance
  • Technology 
  • Area Management
  • Shift Management
  • Human Resources 

Leadership positions for MBA graduates

Amazon’s rate of growth means it constantly needs to expand its pool of highly talented senior leaders. Amazon recognizes that the skills developed during your MBA can be used in Amazon’s leadership programs and hires MBA graduates into two primary areas: Consumer and Operations & Customer Services.

Both programs run for three years, and MBA candidates are eligible for the program while they are studying and for up to six months post-graduation.

Consumer: Amazon has a strong focus on leadership development in Consumer areas. The company has head-office based roles that rotate across core business functions. The roles are designed to develop MBAs into future senior business leaders.

Operations & Customer Services: Amazon has a strong focus on developing leadership of large teams of 200+ and the roles are typically based in Fulfillment or Customer Service centres and are designed to fast-track MBAs into senior leadership roles.

Amazon graduates

Start your career journey at Amazon

Working at Amazon provides the opportunity to accelerate your growth by working on challenging projects with talented teams. The scope and scale of what Amazon strives to do for its customers will drive you to experiment, take risks, learn quickly, and look for ways to accomplish more with less. These challenges breed resourcefulness and invention, which enable Amazon to create products and services that transform the way people live their lives.

Are you excited to embrace the challenge? Come build the future with Amazon.


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