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Graduate opportunities at Amazon

Applications are open 

Many European opportunities at Amazon such as in Operations and Logistics are advertised on a rolling basis, so please check website for the latest offerings. Due to the fast-paced nature of Amazon's business the closing dates may be subject to change, so they encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment.

Opportunities for students and new graduates

Amazon's evolution has been driven by the spirit of innovation that is part of their DNA. As a new university graduate or intern, you'll have multiple opportunities to innovate and solve complex real-world technical and business problems as you join them on their journey.

Amazon strives to hire the brightest minds from the best universities globally, and various career opportunities are available for undergraduates and advanced degree students with diverse academic backgrounds. 

The work environment at Amazon is fast-paced and continually evolving, and every Amazonian is passionate about ownership and delivering results for the company. If you want to work in an environment that'll challenge you to relentlessly improve the Amazon experience for its customers, where each day is different from the next, and your learning never truly ends, take a look at Amazon’s many University opportunities. Amazon offers limitless progression opportunities with the chance to own your own development based on your achievements. Graduates will have the opportunity to make a real business impact through analysing data, influencing others, and working in teams.

Amazon hires amazing gaduates

Amazon hires Graduates into full time positions in Operations, Logistics, Customer Service, Retail, Seller Services, Finance, and Technology roles in various divisions across the business. Graduates in Area Management and Shift Management can expect a variety of tasks focused around people management, data analysis, and process improvement projects.

Graduates in Human Resources can expect tasks in employee engagement and administration. Graduates in Customer Service can expect tasks in resolution support, leadership, and process improvement.

Itilizing your MBA skills

What opportunities are there at this $100B (and growing) start-up? Amazon’s rate of growth means that it constantly needs to expand its pool of highly talented senior leaders on an on-going basis. It recognises that the skills developed during your MBA can be utilised in Amazon’s leadership programs and hires MBA graduates into two primary areas: Consumer and Operations & Customer Services. Both programs run for three years, and MBA candidates are eligible for the program whilst they are studying and for up to six months post-graduation.

Consumer: Amazon has a strong focus on leadership development in Consumer areas. They have head-office based roles and they rotate across core business functions. The roles are designed to develop MBAs into future senior business leaders.

Operations & Customer Services: Amazon has a strong focus on developing leadership of large teams of 200+ and the roles are typically based in Fulfilment or Customer Service centres and are designed to fast-track MBAs into senior leadership roles.


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