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Return to work flexibly with loads of support at Amazon

Return to work flexibly with loads of support at Amazon

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Back to work … Do it for you!

Are you ready to return to your career full-time - or would you prefer to slowly transition back into the professional career world by securing a part-time role? Either way, at Amazon you'll be in the right place. Amazon values employees from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, career paths and education. This is what makes Amazon's culture different.

Having had a break for a few years and trying to reintegrate yourself into the professional world can be challenging. However, Amazon believes that people like you will come back inspired and ready to progress in your career in companies where you'll make an important impact on a daily basis.


Amazon has launched “Mentoring for Parents and Caregivers @Amazon”, to connect parents with other Amazonians. Mentoring is a great way to support career growth and self-development. 

“The mentoring program could be beneficial to parents-to-be, adoptive parents or returning parents and caregivers on questions around impact on career, next roles and opportunities, harmonizing work-life and many others,” according to the Mentoring4parents program. 

It’s an opportunity to strengthen networks and build community with mentor and mentees from different businesses for 2 or 3 months. 

“We have hundreds of millions of customers coming from a diversity of backgrounds, and we strongly believe in a variety of profiles to invent on behalf of our customers,” according to the Mentoring4Parents program. 

What Amazon offers

Amazon makes sure that your transition back into the professional career world is as smooth as possible.

Here is what you can expect from Amazon as a progressive employer:

  • their managers are trained to develop every team member’s strengths and they will make sure to set you up for success
  • besides regular developing meeting with your direct manager, you will be assigned a buddy and mentor that will support you during your starting period at Amazon
  • you'll have the chance to work with brilliant people from all over the world
  • Amazon values diversity of thoughts and they give you the opportunity to share your ideas with your manager and other teams to drive innovation
  • you can expect a peculiar culture based on their Leadership Principles as they are the very foundation of everything Amazon does - whether they're discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem. Learn more about the Amazon's Leadership Principles

What career returners value most about choosing Amazon

1. Flexibility

“Flexibility has been my lifeline through a couple decades of parenting while working (mine are 20, 16 and 8)”

This is what Ellenore Angelidis, Kindle Director at Amazon emphasizes that she was able to grow as a manager after being the one who returned to work. She learned how important it is to give the team flexibility which allows parents to pursue their career. This was not only a benefit for the employees, but also made them more productive. Ellenore truly enjoys her life as a working mother at Amazon.

2. Job security

“Amazon gives the possibility to change the job, but remain in the same company.”

Silvana Specht, Senior Operations Manager joined Amazon in 2003 and has held 7 different positions over the last 14 years. She appreciates that Amazon the highly dynamic environment and the easy to change processes that drive innovation.

Meeting inspiring Amazonians

Meet Hassania -  an Amazon Fulfillment Associate in France, Europe

In her story “My mother is an Amazon Girl”, Hassania shares her children’s words and drawings, to explain that she has found the right place at Amazon, the one that gives her the opportunity to balance her family and work life. She had decided to put her professional career aside to educate her children. Once they were both in School, she joined the “big Amazon family”. After a few months, she was offered an opportunity as blue badge Associate. She now works on week-ends, which allows her work, while being close to her children. Today, “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History” is the family’s motto.

Meet Beth - a Senior Principal Technologist for Amazon Robotics in Boston MA

Beth is a Senior Principal Technologist for Amazon Robotics. Beth has been Founder and CEO of several successful startups, most notably EXOS, Inc., which was venture capital backed and sold to Microsoft in 1996. Since then she has been involved in 30 start-ups in a variety of fields as a founder, investor, or advisor. She was an advisor and investor in Leap Frog and has been involved in entertainment and mobile companies. Beth is an acknowledged expert in VR, AR and the hand-device interface space and has been an expert in support of prior patent litigations.

Beth has a Ph.D. in biomechanics from the Imperial College in London, England where she was a Marshall Scholar. Her first two degrees were from MIT in the department of Mechanical Engineering. She has served on the faculty of MIT in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Beth has been a member of the Board of the MIT Enterprise Forum and the MIT Corporation Visiting Committee in Mechanical Engineering. She is also a current member of the Council for the Arts at MIT.

When asked why Beth decided to join Amazon she highlighted that she loves working with some of the smartest people in the industry to solve the hardest problems in robotics. “I love working on challenges that will have a significant impact and seeing my solutions in action in the real world almost immediately at Amazon fulfillment centers. I especially love mentoring young engineers and women to innovate and create the future.” Aside from working with talented people she appreciates the uniqueness of her job. “As an industry, our job is to identify tasks that can be automated and look for ways humans and robots can work together to gain a better result,” Beth said. “At Amazon, it’s exciting to see robots helping our full-time employees at our fulfillment centers and fueling superfast delivery on behalf of customers.”

Learn how your return can be supported

Find out what careers are on offer for returners with Amazon and apply today to re-lanch and re-connect your own career.


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