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WSP Director Charlotta Winkler discusses industry innovation

WSP Director Charlotta Winkler discusses industry innovation

 August 17, 2021

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Charlotta Winkler is a Technical Director in Solar Power for WSP in Sweden.

Understanding the processes behind innovation in construction

Charlotta is currently working on a Ph.D. to better understand the processes behind innovation in construction. In particular, how to improve the implementation of solar PV systems in the built environment.

"Integrating solar PV systems to buildings can bring great value when done properly! Within a sustainable built environment, solar systems are a clear choice in every new construction project," she explains.

"How can we facilitate the integration of innovation in construction? In my research, I interview key stakeholders to better understand this process to create value with an interconnected electrical grid," she adds.

"Innovation is driving the industry and really brings value to projects. Today, with solar panels and battery storage, building owners can achieve a new level of independence with their own energy supply."

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