Clouderas inspires girls into STEM via book on how data works

Cloudera's inspires girls into STEM via book on how data works

 August 19, 2021

Here's a fabulous resource - A Fresh Squeeze on Data - a brilliant book by Cloudera that can help inspire more girls into choosing STEM subjects and careers.

Supporting girls into STEM

Cloudera believes data drives better decisions and moves businesses forward. The company is innovating and helping Fortune 500 transform and grow because they can make better data-driven decisions at the accelerated pace we live and work in today. However, Cloudera knows that data doesn’t just make a difference for enterprises. It can make an impact for local communities, schools, and children. The company mission is to make data and analytics easy and accessible, for everyone. 

As Cloudera looked at the importance of data, and data for good, the company wanted to take an opportunity to support girls in STEM.

Helping STEM learning in a virtual environment

With the virtual learning environment of the pandemic, STEM courses could become even more difficult. Cloudera's partnership with the Boys & Girls Club provided the company with a glimpse of the unique schooling many kids faced. Cloudera learned that ‘homework buddy programs’ and additional curriculum for ‘Brain Gain’ courses are important and the company sees their role in this.

Therefore, the company partnered with a team of educators specializing in K-12, ReadyAI, who are established authors of books for children with an inclusive approach to learning and advancing AI and technology concepts in an educational yet entertaining way.

Writing a book for children about data

Cloudera data

Together, Cloudera and its partners has written its first book for children, 8-10 years old - “A Fresh Squeeze on Data”. This book shows simple ways for problem solving with data in a way that kids can understand. A small ‘working group’ of parents and kids at Cloudera have been reading this book at home and so far, the reviews have been good.

Teaching children skills for the future

No age is too early to start teaching data literacy. It’s even more important to expose kids to it who otherwise may not have the opportunity. Through Cloudera's partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and Ready AI, the company has been able to create a tool where the adults in children’s lives are able to teach them skills for the workforce of the future. 

Make an impact in your career at Cloudera

Cloudera creates an environment where its employees can make a positive impact on the business, the industry, and the wider community.

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