Top employer Medtronic plays its part in supporting a healthy planet

Top employer Medtronic plays its part in supporting a healthy planet

 August 23, 2021

Medtronic is constantly propelled by its employee’s foresight and energy, relentlessly pursuing solutions to sustainability challenges. 

The baseline for sustainable business practices is ever rising. Governments around the world continue to update safety and sustainability regulations, but they can’t keep up with people’s expectations. This movement — this call to do better — is being led from the ground up. Organizations must elevate their standards for sustainable business practices, exceeding what is needed today for a better tomorrow.

Product quality, efficacy, and ingenuity have always been non-negotiable at Medtronic — but its impact goes beyond patients. To support a healthy planet, Medtronic is working to identify opportunities to improve product stewardship — from design and manufacturing, to packaging, distribution, reuse, and disposal. 

Everyone doing their part, together

Product stewardship and sustainable business practices aren’t the responsibility of one team. Medtronic encourages employees around the world to look for new ways to optimize packaging, manufacturing, shipping, and product life cycles. When it comes to improving the health of the planet, everyone has their part to play — and Medtronic takes its role to heart.

Read the full article from Medtronic about propelling its employee’s foresight and energy to relentlessly pursue solutions to sustainability challenges.

At Medtronic, focus a career with a sustainability focus

The Medtronic Mission calls on employees to improve human welfare, which includes caring for the planet.

Making the world a healthier place means addressing the company's environmental impact holistically.

Medtronic addresses environmental sustainability priorities such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use, regulated and non-regulated waste, and more through policies and programs that set goals, measure progress, and demonstrably help protect the environment.

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