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Advance your career at WSP via high-profile challenging work

Advance your career at WSP via high-profile challenging work

 August 23, 2021

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At WSP you can embrace an inclusive and diverse culture. True to its Guiding Principles, WSP is humble and acts with moral and intellectual integrity, keeping its word, treating everyone with respect, supporting its colleagues, and embracing diversity.

WSP is a collaborative team of experts that thrives on challenge and unconventional thinking. Challenging curiosity into creating progressive solutions to complex issues is both WSP's mission and passion.

Join WSP in doing purposeful, sustainable work that helps shape communities and the future - because at WSP you can question today, imagine tomorrow, and create for the future.

WSP encourages you to question the existing, imagine the impossible, and create the enduring. Sounds exciting right?

"When building teams, it’s imperative for us to include people from different backgrounds and value their perspective, because diversity in team members’ thinking will bring about innovative solutions. To deliver holistic, forward-thinking solutions, we need to hire and equally develop diverse groups of professionals."

Marie-Claude Dumas - Global Sponsor, Inclusion & Diversity, President & CEO, Canada

Fuelled by passionate people

It matters to WSP that each colleague comes to work every day with curiosity, drive and a sense of purpose. WSP employees are living proof that a stimulating, open working environment where everyone feels relevant, valued and supported is a catalyst for outstanding achievements.

A global family of changemakers

WSP is a global family of more than 54,000 changemakers, 7,000 in the UK, all with the imagination to see things not as they are, but as they could be.

The WSP Changemakers are at the heart of the company's transformative thinking and are setting a new agenda for a smarter, greener future that includes everyone.

WSP is transforming ideas into action; from its cities, its journeys, to the environment everyone shares.

A sustainable future by design

Exploring the future inspires WSP employees to think of progressive ways to deliver more thoughtful, impactful and durable projects today. Once employees have considered all the possibilities, WSP employees challenges themselves to create new ones. They apply this future-responsible spirit to how they advise WSP clients as well as to how WSP runs the business.

Blending empowerment and responsibility 

WSP believes that a blend of empowerment and responsibility results in outstanding achievements. WSP holds all of its colleagues to the same above-average standards, while providing them with the tools, training and support they need to craft their own journeys.

Inspired by diversity, driven by inclusion

WSP diversity

WSP has a forward-thinking culture that incorporates some conventional yet non-negotiable qualities—like respect, integrity and trust. WSP welcomes to the table all perspectives, strengths, skills, creeds and genders because it knows that diverse ideas breed extraordinary results.

Join ambituous early career professionals

WSP early careers

WSP has a talented team working on high-profile projects that resonate locally and internationally with a culture that rewards dedication with support and encouragement and a wide variety of opportunities that enable employees to do meaningful, impactful work in their community.

Join talented experienced professionals

Employees can access a broad range of high profile, challenging opportunities that enable them to advance their career and contribute to outstanding work that has a positive, sustainable impact on the places where people work, live and play.

Join a network of experts at WSP

Careers at WSP connect you to a vast array of opportunities. Join a collective of likeminded international experts including engineers, scientists, biologists, project managers, technical and business advisors and more. Leverage each other’s strengths as you contribute to some of the world’s most unique and challenging projects.

Build diverse expertise that benefits your career, your colleagues and WSP clients.

Search career paths at WSP.


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