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HCL Technologies signs Romania Diversity Charter

HCL Technologies signs Romania Diversity Charter

 August 24, 2021

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HCL Technologies is committed to supporting, protecting, and developing Diversity & Inclusion within the organization, which is why the company has become a member of the Romania Diversity Charter, following earlier membership of the Germany Diversity Charter, Charta der Vielfalt. 

HCL Anuradha Khosla

Anuradha Khosla, Head Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development & Employee Engagement says:

“It’s an honor for us to join the Romanian Diversity Charter and champion the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. As an organization we are committed towards tapping into the richness of our diverse workforce by continuously fostering & creating a ubiquitous culture of inclusion and belonging. The commitment towards nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive organization is embedded in the core ethos of the organization. There is an intentional and continuous focus to create and sustain a culture of equality, self-awareness, authenticity & accountability in the realm of gender, cross-cultural diversity, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ Inclusion. 

As we move into the future we are hugely focused on Inclusion as a way to maximize talent attraction, growth and retention strategies. We clearly believe, our effort towards creating an inclusive environment will translate into people feeling valued, treated equally & with respect, feel safe to express their opinion and empowered to take decisions and do their best." 

Integrating diversity into organizational practices

The Diversity Charter aims to motivate signatory companies to recognize or extend the benefits of integrating diversity into organizational practices.

By signing the Charter, diversity acquires practical dimensions, becoming an integral part of business and organizational culture.

Extending diversity commitment beyond legal obligations

Bringing together the most diverse co-interested groups at the same table, the Charter is an excellent collaborative platform for debate around diversity management. The Charter supports signatories to implement or extend their commitment to diversity management beyond legal requirements and obligations.

Forging diversity, equity and inclusion

In short, HCL Technologies signing of the Charter means:

  • recognition of diversity management policies as a strategic advantage, a source of progress, creativity and innovation
  • promoting equal opportunities at work
  • improving economic performance
  • a first step in a long-term process that involves initiating, developing and adjusting diversity management policies

HCL diversity

Advance your career at an inclusive company

HCL Technologies has an innovative culture thanks to its employees who come from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

Bring your unique contribution to HCL.

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