"Embrace your power," says Schneider Electrics Kelly Sinovich

"Embrace your power," says Schneider Electric's Kelly Sinovich

 September 14, 2021

Schneider Electric celebrated Women’s Equality Day in the USA by hosting a virtual panel with guest speakers including its Vice President of Sales, Regional Specifier Sales Manager, and Human Resources Vice President. Schneider Electric discussed with employees the historical time underpinning the day and reinforced the company's commitment to pay equitynew ways of working, and its various benefits in place to support women in the workforce.

Regional Specifier Sales Manager for Schneider Electric, Kelly Sinovich based in Missouri USA, helped the company mark Women's Equality Day by sharing some salient thoughts on how women can use their voice to make 'HERstory'.

Perpetuating a culture of inauthentic female identity

As Kelly sat at her computer doing research for Schneider Electric's Women’s Equality Day event, she was struck by just how often she came across content asking women to change who they are to fit into a culture created by men.

"This content was coming from both men and women, and surprisingly was even coming from our youngest generations. For example, a current TikTok trend speaks to how women should edit their emails to be more like their male colleagues. This might seem innocent, but what this trend is really doing is suggesting that women should not bring their true authentic selves to work. That somehow a woman’s use of an exclamation point or the word please exhibits a lack of confidence," she says.

"But are these small details truly a reflection of our confidence? Throughout my career, I have never questioned my own confidence based on my use of a punctuation mark, or lack thereof, or whether I was too nice or too direct during a meeting. I have, however, found myself questioning my confidence when it is suggested to me that I should smile more or that my emails were in fact too direct because I refrained from using exclamation points," she adds.

"My philosophy, based on my experiences, is that when women attempt to demonstrate confidence by imitating male confidence, it often comes across wrong because they are not embracing their true selves."

Working for a company that prioritizes equality 

Schneider Electric equality

Kelly is thankful to be part of a company that is not only prioritizing equality for all through diversity and inclusion ambitions, but is also prioritizing training all its leaders on how to lead, mentor, and coach diverse teams with diverse needs. She has been fortunate enough to have diverse role models in both peers as well as leaders. Seeing how they embraced a culture of inclusion influenced her views around diversity and how she engages with colleagues.

Early in her career, Kelly was hesitant to express her opinions or views in a room full of older, more experienced peers. "Right away a female colleague/mentor pulled me aside to inquire as to why I was not using my voice. After expressing my concerns, she advised that while my opinions will surely be different than the rest of my colleagues, that it would also be what is needed to ensure progress. She continued by sharing that Schneider Electric was committed to hiring candidates diverse in both thought and background," she adds.

"She taught me that if I continue to mold myself into what others expect, that I would not contribute to my fullest. Me being a 20-something, recent college Marketing graduate surrounded by more experienced male Engineers, I was nervous to follow this advice. Ultimately the advice served to grow my career and is advise I now share with many. I contribute best when I am sharing my true authentic voice."

Sharing her advice to other women

Kelly shares her advice to other women: Embrace who you are at the core. "Your voice, in every form, represents your power and your presence and is so much bigger than an exclamation point! It is how you show up every day, it is taking a stand, it is leading with empathy. Don’t allow other’s definition of confidence to deter you from using your voice to #makeHERstory," she adds.

"This week when you tackle your inbox, I challenge you to be your authentic self. Do not sacrifice your confidence trying to fit into the limitations put in place by others."

Be your authentic self at Schneider Electric 

If you want to work at a company that not only accepts but truly values diversity, then consider a future with Schneider Electric.

Check out the company's open job positions.


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