Sara combines tech and business consulting at Capgemini

 September 16, 2021

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Based in Finland, Sara Montonen works on Capgemini's Enterprise Transformation team. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and seeing new places, as well as spending time outdoors.

Sara joined Capgemini shortly after graduation. She completed a Master's degree and studied economics. She also did a Masters degree in International Management.

In a video featuring Global Capgemini Invent colleagues, Sara discusses her career.

Experiencing a variety of industries

Since joining Capgemini after graduation, Sara has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries for a variety of different clients, including insurance, banking, technology, and automotive.

Sara has been part of post-merger integration programs and involved in implementing anti-money laundering laws. She has also been doing strategic workforce planning projects

Enjoy working and socializing with Capgemini people

What initially attracted Sara to Capgemini Invent was the ability to work in between tech and business consulting.

The team-orientated nature of Capgemini has continued to appeal to Sara.

"It has really been the people that have kept me at the company all these years," she explains. "I have the most amazing colleagues and I really enjoy working with them but also spending time with them outside of work."

Building a network at Capgemini

For Sara, building both an internal and external network is key. 

"You should just be bold and see every attraction as an opportunity to build a relationship," she says.

In terms of a personal learning moment, Sara cites the importance of being able to find the right workplace culture and maintaining a healthy work/life balance as being key.

Be content in your Capgemini career

Innovation and people are at the heart of Capgemini, and employees work with pioneering technologies to implement positive change for clients.

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