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Barbara Rambousek highlights EBRDs dedication to equal pay

Barbara Rambousek highlights EBRD's dedication to equal pay

 September 22, 2021

EBRD launched a video on Equal Pay Day featuring the Bank's Director for Gender and Economic Inclusion, Barbara Rambousek

Barbara articulated the Bank's consistent dedication to gender equality.

Supporting equal opportunities for all

Promoting equal opportunities and gender equality are a key priority for EBRD.

In the video, Barbarba explains how the Bank does this through investments and policy work.

"At the EBRD, we proactively work with our clients and policy partners to promote gender equality and open access to economic opportunity for women," explains Barbara. "We do this by tackling some of the underlying causes of the gender pay gap...and by supporting women into the types of jobs that tend to be better remunerated."

Barbara also details EBRD's strategy for the promotion of gender equality, where the Bank will be further scaling up its efforts, including in the new area of care economy, and tackling all forms of gender-based violence and harassment.

Accessing jobs of the future 

EBRD wants to make sure that women can access the jobs of the future - in digital technologies, in the green sector, but also in areas that are emerging, such as science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

Forge a career at the EBRD

EBRD employees invest their time in changing lives and support the Bank's goal to drive economic inclusion across its regions.

Make a difference in your career at the EBRD.


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