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Eatons report cites key targets for diversity and inclusion by 2030

Eaton's report cites key targets for diversity and inclusion by 2030

 October 08, 2021

Eaton has released its first-ever Global Inclusion and Diversity Transparency Report that provides insight into who the company is today - and what it hopes it has for tomorrow.

“I firmly believe that inclusion and diversity is more about building capability into people, processes and practices and less about initiatives. Consider the lack of sustainable progress in this space over so many years. This is due in part to short-term initiatives which have not focused on the true root causes or the ‘long game.’ Inclusion and diversity is a complex puzzle - made up of several uniquely-shaped pieces with the potential to interlock, and in turn, unlock true innovation and growth," says Monica Jackson, Vice President of Global Inclusion and Diversity at Eaton.

Reinforcing its inclusion and diversity ambitions

By 2030 Eaton aims to:

  • Maintain or exceed current representation of women and U.S. minorities on its board of directors and senior leadership team
  • Increase representation of salaried global women to 40%
  • Increase representation of salaried U.S. minorities to 34%
  • Achieve an inclusion index score of 80% or higher

Detailing its promise on inclusive practices 

Eaton details its three-pronged inclusion promise in the report:

  • Make Eaton a great place to work because of the uniqueness of each individual is valued
  • Enable development of high-performing teams that deliver results
  • Give stakeholders confidence about engaging with a sustainable, socially responsible company

No matter where a person sits in Eaton's organization, they expect their people will demonstrate several important qualities that they refer to as their leadership attributes. Like Eaton's aspirational goals, which define what the company stands for, these simple statements define who Eaton is and how their people should act. Simply put, they want their employees to act exhibiting key qualities as outlined in the diagram below.

EATON Diversity Women Report

“Something remarkable unfolds when we become comfortable with and transparent about who and what we are, and with our differences. Our relationships with our colleagues improve, we learn from one another, and we feel more connected to our work. And we begin to realize that our positive relationships and interactions with our colleagues every day are what form the basis of the culture we want - one where we all feel welcomed, valued, heard and able to be our best selves every day," says April Miller Boise, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Eaton.

The enduring impact of diverse perspectives

Eaton describes its impact, where the power of many perspectives drives innovation and growth:

  • Demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviors to create a sense of belonging
  • Embrace inclusive ways of working to engage and develop employees
  • Enhance collaboration and learning
  • Ensure the diversity of its workforce reflects the marketplace and communities

Commitment to increasing women and minority representation

Eaton board of directors

The report highlights Eaton's commitment to increasing its current representation of women and U.S. minorities on its board of directors and global leadership team by 2030.

The company’s current ration for its board of directors is 50% women or U.S. minorities, and for its global leadership team is 54% U.S. minorities.

“It is critical for companies to stay focused on hiring, developing and retaining a diverse workforce, and obviously women are an important part of that focus. Building and maintaining a diverse workforce is critically important to the board of directors," comments Sandra Pianalto, a member of Eaton’s board of directors.

Focusing on Employee Resource Groups at Eaton

The details the company's focus on Eaton's support of minority communities via its Inclusion Eaton resource groups (iERGs) which help bring employees together “who share a common purpose, interest or background.”

Eaton also builds knowledge and understanding of difference cultures, and its members provide feedback on how the company can better its diverse talent pipeline.

Each iERG has a minimum of three executive sponsors from the global leadership team who meet quarterly to review strategic plans and progress.

Eaton is a much better place because of our iERGs.They serve as the voice of our employees to our leaders, foster impactful programs and drive sustainable change," explains Nirmal Vas, manager of Eaton’s Inclusion Resource Groups.

Building a diverse supply base

The report also expands on Eaton's efforts to build a diverse supply base that reflects the communities where employees live, work and serve.

Eaton actively seeks to provide business opportunities to small businesses as well as disabled-, LGBT-, minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses and historically underutilized business zone suppliers.

Read Eaton's full report to learn more about Eaton's strong and consistent commitment to inclusive practices.

If inclusion is important to you, join Eaton

Eaton's mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.

Eaton provides sustainable solutions that help its customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power – more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably. 

With an exciting career in an inclusive workplace, choosing Eaton as an employer is a smart decision.


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