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AECOMs Veronica Siranosian features in an insightful podcast

AECOM's Veronica Siranosian features in an insightful podcast

 October 07, 2021

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Veronica Siranosian is Vice President of Digital Innovation at AECOM. She advances digital delivery and innovation in infrastructure planning and design.

With a background in public and private sector transportation and land use planning, Veronica works with public agencies and private clients to understand, proactively plan for and realize the future of infrastructure. That vision includes connected automated vehicle technologies, shared mobility, hyperloop and vehicle electrification, not to mention their impacts on city mobility and development.

Veronica is also a board member of the nonprofit Urban Movement Labs, Los Angeles Transportation Technology Accelerator. Her passion is to leverage technologies to better connect people to opportunities and to create more equitable places. 

Discussing technology and innovation

AECOM Veronica Siranosian
Image source: Alchemist Accelerator

Veronica features on Alchemist Accelerator's podcast. Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of early-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.

"Innovation - so much fun, often also so hard, especially in infrastructure!" said Veronica upon release of the podcast.

In the podcast, veronica discusses her work and career, her passion for connecting people through technology, and her desire to use innovation to build equity in communities.

“What it comes down to is helping to serve our clients better, reducing costs and delivering projects that create opportunities for people," Veronica explains to podcast host Rachel Chalmers.

Listen to Veronica's AECOM journey from urban planning to innovation. 

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