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What does work look like in a better working world?

What does work look like in a better working world?

Asking and answering the toughest questions helps to build a better working world. Can robots help businesses be more human? How will disrupters change the world? Are we making the most of the age of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)?

Future proofing the business

Disruption in the world of work is changing how companies attract, engage and prepare people to work together around the world. In an increasingly digital business landscape, professional services organisation EY needs the skills of data scientists and engineers along with those from accounting, finance and business backgrounds. EY’s workforce is diverse, inspired by their purpose and motivated to work in new and meaningful ways. EY provides remarkable opportunities to do something exceptional - something that matters. It’s about owning your career, shaping your future and becoming the leader you want to be.

Developing purpose-driven leaders

At EY, building a better working world starts with people and the exceptional experiences they have that empower them to grow their careers. Purpose-driven leaders contribute to the highest performing teams, valuing and leveraging differences to ask better questions that lead to better answers that help solve clients’ toughest challenges.

Accelerating women’s strategic interests

To support women and ensure they have equal opportunities as men do for promotion, EY has a brilliant Accelerate development program for senior managers to support strategic thinking. The program runs for two years, combining core learning experiences with a senior executive sponsoring relationship.


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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.

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