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EBRD Heike Harmgart named CEO Catalysts of the Year

EBRD Heike Harmgart named CEO Catalysts of the Year

 October 14, 2021

EBRD Managing Director, Heike Harmgart, is among top women leading transformation in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region.

In recognition of this, Heike is named one of the CEO Catalysts of the Year for the Middle East in the IDC Women Transforming Technology Awards. "Our warmest congratulations to her, we’re very proud!" said the EBRD in response to the news.

Heike actively supports and promotes diversity and inclusion within the EBRD and the communities it serves. 

Recognizing the efforts of leading female executives

IDC Women Transforming Technology Awards recognize the efforts of leading female executives, based on their proven ability to drive innovation, strengthen resiliency, and shape rapid change while championing digital transformation. The awards honor female leaders who have not only positively impacted business outcomes, work cultures, and levels of innovation but also successfully promote gender diversity in their organizations and underscore the need to expand mentoring programs that develop female leaders.

To qualify for the CEO Catalysts of the Year category, nominees must have:

  • served as CEO within a company based in the Middle East (including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon) for at least 24 months
  • positively impacted the business outcomes, work cultures, and levels of innovation required to enhance financial performance through the championing of digital transformation
  • successfully promoted gender diversity within their organization and underscored the need to expand mentoring programs that develop female leaders

Work alongside successful women leaders

EBRD leaders like Heike invest their time in changing lives and supporting the Bank's goal to drive economic inclusion across its regions.

Make a difference in your career at the EBRD.


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