Bazaarvoice Hispanic heritage employees share their culture

Bazaarvoice Hispanic heritage employees share their culture

 October 15, 2021

Continuing their focus on marking Hispanic Heritage Month, Bazaarvoice spotlights a further employee.

Mackenzie Wayne is a third generation Mexican American and Hispanic Heritage Month is important to Mackenzie because it provides an opportunity for her to let people know about her Hispanic culture. 

Mackenzie is a Bazaarvoice Account Executive based in Austin, Texas USA.

A useful opportunity to talk about cultural heritage

"I'm Hispanic on my mother's side and a third generation Mexican American," explains Mackenzie.

"Hispanic Heritage Month is important to me because it's an opportunity for me to tell people that I'm Hispanic and that this is my culture. I have an Anglo-Saxon sounding name from my father's side and I look Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Italian, or Mexican, to folks, depending on the context. Basically, I confuse people and it's a great time to talk about my actual heritage."

Mackenzie enjoys celebrating her heritage - and in particular its remarkable cuisine. "My Grandma's enchiladas were the best on the planet - and her Capirotada, and Tamales too," attests Mackenize.

Mackenzie celebrates her heritage in further ways, beyond the food. "I celebrate in all forms... painting, pottery, films, books. Our culture is so rich and I love the opportunity to celebrate and share it in such an accessible way," she says.

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