Tina Mylon discusses Schneider Electrics leadership transformation

Tina Mylon discusses Schneider Electric's leadership transformation

 November 08, 2021

Tina Mylon, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer at Schneider Electric, was a guest on myHRfuture's Digital HR Leaders podcast where she discussed how Schneider Electric's leadership and culture journey has transformed with technology.

Hearing from a Schneider Electric leader

In the episode, Tina discusses how Schneider Electric uses their talent marketplace platform to not only match individuals to career opportunities but also to mentors, striking the right balance between being technology enabled and human centric.

Tina also discusses:

  • Schneider Electric’s pragmatic and applied high tech, high touch, approach to culture and leadership transformation
  • How Schneider Electric is using employee voice to help build a flexible and hybrid work approach that is inclusive of everyone
  • How data and analytics ensures the success of Schneider Electric’s unique multi-hub model
  • The ways in which Schneider Electric’s talent marketplace model, disrupts manager’s understanding of work and careers and democratises opportunities for the workforce

"We think about people and leadership and talent and technology and culture - there are so many synergies across those silos," explains Tina.

"We lead in a more de-centralised, distributed, empowered way," she adds. "I do sincerely believe that in terms of responsiveness and agility and speed, and also diversity of opinion, I look at my executive committee as a benchmark."

"You have people not only in different geographies, but of course also different profiles, nationalities, experiences, and meant to say also its 44% women. You really then start to see, hey, it's not so complicated when you bring diverse profiles together, you can create some pretty cool things."

Join talented women leaders like Tina at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a dynamic, global company with a high-performance culture that is always keen to attract passionate, talented people to join their teams.

If you're capable, ambitious and looking for new opportunities, then Schneider Electric might just be the right company to grow your career.


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