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Thales lead in cybersecurity

 November 22, 2016

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As one of the European leaders in the sector, and a worldwide leader in data protection, Thales is always on the lookout for talent both young and established in the field of cybersecurity.

Thales was a partner in the annual European Cyber Week taking place in Bretagne, France. The event focuses on cybersecurity communities and the latest developments in civilian and military cyber technology.

Support cyber students of tomorrow

As part of the week long event, Thales supports innovative recruitment initiatives such as the student challenge that occurs during the European Cyber Week.

The event exemplifies the rate at which the cybersecurity market is growing and how it is driving a constant need for new specialists. By actively fostering links with both academic institutions and private sector industry, Thales is encouraging and nurturing the professionals of the future. 

Exciting jobs at Thales

With a total of 15 generic job families at Thales, women are attracted to the wide range of exciting jobs available. Specialist roles include everything from pen testers, ethical hackers, IT security architects, security and risk analysis engineers/experts through to cybersecurity R&D engineers and project managers.

By joining Thales, women can access the world class competencies of a global group which places cybersecurity at the heart of its solutions.

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