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Aviation expert Linell Homentosky rejoins AECOM

Aviation expert Linell Homentosky rejoins AECOM

 November 10, 2021

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Linell Homentosky, CM, rejoins AECOM as the Northeast Aviation Market Sector Lead. Based in New York, Linell is a passionate aviation professional with 15 years of experience collaborating with airports to plan and build for the future.

Linell is excited to rejoin AECOM and says she is inspired by the role AECOM will play in improving the global economy. "I look forward to delivering innovative solutions and services for our clients," says Linell.

Delivering aviation projects around the world

Looking to bring your aviation career to AECOM or forge a pathway within the aviation industry?

AECOM is a global provider of technical services to airport owners, investors and aviation clients. Aviation specialists’ experience spans decades and includes landside and airside work on all types of airport and military installations. AECOM has a full understanding of aviation regulations and are skilled at working within operating airports to deliver aviation projects around the world.

Airports are the gateways to the world. Financial limits, capacity restraints and aging infrastructure are providing unprecedented challenges to airport owners and operators. AECOM's dedicated aviation team has an in-depth understanding of technical and regulatory issues. They use this knowledge to carefully manage these obstacles to help clients deliver projects that soar.

AECOM's experienced professionals plan, design and manage airport programs for airports of all sizes and forms; from small general airports to large hub internationals and military and other government installations.

AECOM knows that all aviation projects are not alike, so programs are tailored to meet clients’ needs. AECOM has helped develop airports from the ground up and are adept at working on major airport upgrades — expanding airport capabilities while minimizing disruption to the traveling public. AECOM experts manage and develop elements ranging from ground access and parking; to major terminal runways, taxiways and apron-related commercial and industrial development airfreight; and logistics facilities and free-trade zones.

AECOM also performs environmental studies and develops innovative ways to reduce the environmental impacts of airports. AECOM has a firsthand understanding of regulations and restrictions worldwide and use that knowledge to help smooth the way for project delivery.

Work on aviation projects at AECOM

Airports and connecting transportation links are vital to the continued growth and economic prosperity of cities, regions and countries. With air travel set to double over the next two decades, investment in airport infrastructure will become ever more critical to sustaining cities and regions.

Now is the perfect time to advance your career in a growing industry. Start by searching jobs at AECOM.


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