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WSP Associate Director Kate Attwood discusses sustainability

WSP Associate Director Kate Attwood discusses sustainability

 November 18, 2021

Looking to work in the transport sector and help it become more sustainability focused?

WSP Associate Director and Group Director Highways Kate Attwood explains why, as a large contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, the transport sector needs to act fast to decarbonise roads.

Kate believes we need to shift focus to reusing and repurposing materials, training engineers to apply their skills in new ways, and changing expectations for moving goods around.

Why the transport sector needs an overhaul

WSP sustainability

"The way we approach transport needs to change – and we don’t need to do it a bit better, we need to do it completely differently. It’s a fact that 70% of global carbon emissions can be traced back to transport," explains Kate.

"Most of what we design now will exist long past this bridging point in our carbon journey and into the non-fossil fuel world that is quickly approaching. So it makes perfect sense to adapt what currently exists to suit that new context," she adds.

"Over the last 15 years, the amount of carbon emissions from manufacturing construction materials have halved – but overall output of carbon from construction has barely changed over the same period of time. We need to unpack all the elements of this transportation puzzle to find ways of working in a net zero world."

Read the full article featuring WSP's Kate Attwood.

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