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AECOM is recruiting for its ground engineering jobs so apply today!

AECOM is recruiting for its ground engineering jobs so apply today!

 November 23, 2021

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AECOM is recruiting heavily in ground engineering right now and there are so many brilliant career opportunities available.

AECOM and Where Women Work are shining a light on some of the people already working in the arena to provide some great insight into what they do, the positive impact they have, and why they enjoy their work so much. Enjoy this series meeting some impressive AECOM people thriving in their jobs in ground engineering.

In this article Riya Patel, Graduate Geotechnical Engineer at AECOM, talks about the key strengths required in ground engineering and shares her top tip for graduates looking to join AECOM. Riya also discusses her involvement with the Ethnic Diversity Network at AECOM and the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace.

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How would you describe yourself professionally in 3 key words?

Adaptable, collaborative and diligent.

How did you find yourself working in ground engineering?

I always enjoyed studying STEM subjects in school and visualising how logic can be applied to provide the optimum solution to a problem. I was fortunate to undertake some summer placements at various civil engineering organisations to witness this first-hand. This cemented my interest in pursuing a Civil Engineering degree where my passion for ground engineering grew.

AECOM graduate
Riya in 2020 graduating with an MEng in Civil Engineering

How would you describe your job to someone outside the industry?

All structures have loads which could arise for many reasons, for instance, self-weight and moving actions i.e. vehicles. To prevent collapse, these loads must be supported by the structure and the ground beneath it. In other words, the structure and the ground must work together to achieve overall stability. The role of a geotechnical engineer is to design a system to safely transfer the loads to the ground. To do this, knowledge of the soil and any water it contains is required. Geotechnical engineers work on various projects involving the design of foundations, embankments/cuttings, tunnels, retaining walls and much more.

What are some key strengths you regularly call upon in your role?

Clear and concise communication is key when relaying information to other team members. Every aspect of a project must work together as one system and hence, errors due to miscommunication should be avoided. Engineering is commonly known to be a technical profession, but the importance of written and verbal communication should also be highlighted.

Why is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) so important to AECOM?

ED&I is a key focus for AECOM. One of the ways AECOM has shown this commitment is with the creation of the Ethnic Diversity Network. The Ethnic Diversity Network provides a stage for important issues to be discussed such as ensuring ED&I is embedded in our recruitment and selection processes, developing appropriate training for employees on ED&I, creating supplier diversity support and hosting regular panels to celebrate cultural events. Being a member of the Ethnic Diversity Network Culture sub-committee at AECOM gives me the opportunity to contribute towards fostering an inclusive workplace. The committee organises events celebrating the various cultures and backgrounds of employees in our offices, thus providing a forum for deeper understanding and empathy.

What's your experience of AECOM’s early careers programme, ADVANCE?

The ADVANCE early careers development programme offers a plethora of resources which have been beneficial for my career development. Regular webinars are held headlining important topics such as sustainability, client relationships and career confidence. These provide a great stepping stone for graduates as they progress from their studies to a professional career.

What's your advice for graduates looking to join AECOM?

Be confident to voice your own ideas and ask questions, even if you think it is trivial – it is the easiest way to learn! Be pro-active and engage in activities within the office and wider business as this will expand your network and push you to discover your passions outside of engineering. Finally, prioritise yourself and your own wellbeing, which may seem easy to say and harder to do (many of us are still trying to apply this – myself included!), but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid burning out. AECOM provides employees with ample resources such as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and myStrength which are tools that provide support and useful wellbeing advice.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I am very keen to gain some site experience and further enhance my knowledge of engineering in practice. I am also looking forward to working on different projects, which will no doubt provide opportunities to challenge and develop my technical and interpersonal skills. I hope to continue to collaborate with colleagues across the business on projects and other ventures within AECOM, such as the Ethnic Diversity Network.

When you're not working, what are some of your favourite ways to spend time?

I love nature. I really enjoy walking expeditions and mountain climbing. In 2018, I climbed Mount Snowdon raising £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. When I am not getting my boots muddy, I enjoy volunteering in a bakery at my local temple, Bhaktividenta Manor. I am a hopeless baker, but if there’s something I can take from my day job, it is how to work well in a team.

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