QBE Europe launches diversity focused JustBe@QBE campaign

QBE Europe launches diversity focused JustBe@QBE campaign

 December 08, 2021

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QBE Europe Operations has developed a new Inclusion of Diversity Strategy aimed at creating a more diverse workforce, inclusive workplace and connected marketplace by 2023.

To celebrate this new development and bring its vision to life, QBE Europe has launched its JustBe@QBE campaign. 

Progressive steps to an inclusive workplace

QBE knows that diversity of thought, background and experience is essential for success. The company knows that it’s not just what it does that matters, it’s what it does that makes the difference to its people and customers. While it has made positive steps towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, the team knows there is still more work that needs to be done.

To make its vision of a truly inclusive company a reality, QBE has developed the new Inclusion of Diversity strategy to keep it focused and holds the company to account.

The JustBe@QBE campaign is one of the ways the company is bringing the strategy to life by inviting everyone to just beQBE has intentionally evolved its language to Inclusion of Diversity as it wants to create a workplace culture where all its people, in all the ways they are different, feel included. The company knows that this will in turn spark creativity, drive innovation, help it attract and hold onto talented people and deliver the best outcomes for its customers.

QBE's strategy is aligned to three core pillars:

  • a diverse workforce
  • an inclusive workforce
  • a more connected marketplace

Maximizing opportunities to attract diverse talent 

Over the next three years, QBE will maximize opportunities to attract, develop and retain diverse talent. Women currently make up 31.7% of the leadership roles at QBE, and ethnic minorities make up 10.6%. By the end of 2025, the company aims to have women make up 40% of its leadership roles as well as increase the ethnic diversity of our leadership. 

To create a more diverse workplace, QBE will:

  • carry out an audit of processes and practices across the employee life cycle to reduce opportunities for systemic bias
  • refine and extend the delivery of a Schools Partnership Programme for ethnic minority students
  • review and enhance diversity data capture to inform targeted actions

Listening to employees helps create change 

QBE believes that everyone should feel included at work; therefore, it will build inclusive capabilities, listen to its people, and support flexibility and wellbeing. With Covid-19 changing the way we work forever, QBE wants to empower all employees to prioritise their wellbeing and what matters to them.

To create a more inclusive workplace the company will:

  • further embed and measure future ways of working to ensure that Flex@QBE, its new hybrid working approach, has a positive impact for its people and business
  • continue to modernize its wellbeing offering that focuses on proactive and preventative wellbeing assistance
  • continue to embed a safety to speak up culture  

Supporting equitable access through collaboration 

QBE aims to work collaboratively with other organisations to drive positive societal change around diversity and inclusion within the Insurance industry. It will also encourage a diverse supply chain and endeavour to support and enhance equitable access for its diverse customer base.

To create a more connected marketplace, it will:

  • continue to proactively influence and shape market practices through collaboration opportunities
  • regularly consult on ways to accelerate the pace of change across the industry
  • review how it is showing up for its customers in its I&D activities

QBE has many supportive networks

Additionally, QBE will continue to support its five employee-led network groups, who’s objective is to raise awareness, educate, celebrate, and challenge the way the company does things. 


  • QBE Pride 
    - its network for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. Providing an open and supportive space to share information and materials about LGBTQ+ inclusion
  • QBE Workability 
    - its network which supports, celebrates, and raises awareness of people who are directly or indirectly impacted by disability
  • QBE Open Mind 
    - its network dedicated to challenging the stigma around mental health and promoting wellbeing
  • QBE Mix 
    - its network dedicated to celebrating, educating, and raising awareness on ethnic diversity
  • QBE Circle 
    - its network focused on breaking down gender biases and stereotypes.

"We’re determined to accelerate positive change within QBE. We all own this, and together we’ll drive the change we want to see," stated QBE.

Want to work for a company committed to diversity?

QBE Europe is committed to creating a working environment that is inclusive for all. 

Discover your talent at this purpose-driven, progressive company and search their job roles available. 


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