Schneider Electric VP discusses meeting future workforce needs

Schneider Electric VP discusses meeting future workforce needs

 December 09, 2021

Award-winning Vice President of Services for US Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric, Karin Hamel, has participated as a guest on a Future of Field Service podcast, where she spoke with host Sarah Nicastro about the key areas of focus needed when it comes to creating the frontline workforce of the future.  

Driving diversity, inclusion and equality

In the podcast, one of the key focus areas Karin touches upon is increasing diversity, which includes differences in thought, opinion, and ideas that help companies evolve and innovate. 

Discussing her pride in Schneider Electric's diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, Karin said, ""I’m very proud of the programs that Schneider has been driving over the past few years regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. I think we do a really good job internally with our core values being, driving the right types of behavior that we want to see with our people, and making sure it’s a safe, inclusive environment for everyone to perform at their best. When I think about the work that remains to be done, it will be all about enticing that talent, that diverse talent to come into Schneider Electric." 

Meeting the needs of the future workforce

Schneider Electric

A 'Service is Humanity' award recipient, Karin provides a three-point summary of how industry needs to rise up to meet the needs of the workforce of the future.

One way Karin identifies is to "invest in technology that is going to catapult you into the modern day experience that customers expect. So when you get those... I’m speaking firsthand. When you get those emails from vendors that say, 'Hey, notice you downloaded a white paper. Can I get some of your time? Hey, I saw you were speaking at this event, can I do a demo with you?' If you’re like me, you’re bombarded with those type of things, and you usually delete them. Take the time to entertain one here or there, and listen to what the industry is doing. Give it some attention. It will pay off." (sic)

Karin continued, "Number two, invest in programs for your people. So what can you do? Listen to their feedback. And what can you do to free up their time, create a better workplace for them?"

A further action Karin suggested was: "Number three is just keep it real. Stay close to the frontline. Find opportunities to get out in the field, go onsite with your technicians, see the day-to-day firsthand, because that’s really going to keep you honest and connected. You remember that corporate speak, MBA speak versus real talk? Never lose sight of just keeping it real."

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