You dont have to be an engineer to work for Schneider Electric

You don't have to be an engineer to work for Schneider Electric

 December 13, 2021

Natasha Phatarphod is an MBA Strategy intern for Schneider Electric's North America hub and myth-busts the notion that all careers at Schneider Electric require candidates to be an engineer. 

Set to graduate from Boston University in May 2022 with an MBA and a Master’s in Economics degree, Natasha was born and raised in Mumbai, India and moved to the United States for her Masters degree. Natasha is part of several clubs in her university and focuses on being a good mentor to her juniors. 

Natasha says, "Schneider Electric is one of the pioneers in our industry, providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. When we hear the company name, Schneider Electric, many things come to mind. For starters, words like technology, electrical, innovation, and sustainable. But most importantly, the thing that everyone thinks of when they hear Schneider Electric is that “it must be a world of engineers”, and I am here to bust this myth."

Schneider Electric internships: No engineering degree required

Natasha completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the London School of Economics and is undertaking her MBA and Master’s degree in Economics from Boston University. She says, "You see? No engineering at all. And yet I am working as a strategy intern for Schneider’s Power Product division."

Natasha continues, "In my role, I work closely with product architects, scientists and engineers to learn and understand various products Schneider offers, to then understand each product’s market landscape, competitors, customers, their pain points, etc. and strategize the current and future market placement of the product.

"I’ve known Schneider all my life, and as most others, I always assumed that it was a place only engineers worked at, of course not including the HR or finance divisions. I mean core product and innovation division. But this company was one that was always at the back of my mind."

How to improve your hiring chances 

Discovering there was an opening for an MBA intern, Natasha applied for the role with Schneider Electric. While not sure how much of a disadvantage she would be at for not having a core technical background, she wanted to make sure she gave 100 percent to improve her chances of getting hired.

She continues, "For anyone pursuing an internship, one of the most important aspects of it is to network with people who work for the company you’re applying for. My priority was to network with Schneider Electric employees with similar job profiles – both interns and employees. I wanted to talk to as many people to gain an understanding of the company culture, its values and what my internship role requires out of me. I cold messaged people on LinkedIn, the company HR and Talent Acquisition - anyway I could reach to maximum people to talk to.

"Prepared with as much knowledge that I could gather and about 20 odd mock interviews later; I completed my interview, and I got the internship! Yay!! I was beyond ecstatic, but nevertheless, I was nervous. Nervous about how I would perform or fit in with the employees at Schneider."

An environment of growth

Despite not having an engineering background, Natasha has experienced growth at Schneider Electric, as well as having considerable support. Natasha attests to having a "supportive manager and endearing coworkers that have stopped and helped me every step of the way so I can do my best at my projects."

Natasha says, "Schneider’s culture allowed me to hone on my strengths that came with my education and also give me the opportunity to learn the engineering knowledge I was lacking without feeling inadequate or incompetent. And that is why I am here, busting the myth that you NEED an engineering background to work at Schneider."

Explore career opportunities outside your skill set 

Having started a successful career at Schneider Electric, Natasha is keen to encourage others to do the same.

"Don’t let not having a specific degree deter you from applying to a job! Do what you do best and know that there is always a place for your skillset at Schneider," she says.

"My advice to you all would be to not be shy to cold message folks on LinkedIn. Most of us are on LinkedIn to help. And always remember, the worst anyone can do to this, is say “No”, and honestly, that’s okay! Be fair, be respectful of their time and most importantly, if they give you time to speak to them, be thankful and send them a thank you note for helping you. Know that you can get what you need, or find what you are looking for, in some of the most random ways - and networking is your best bet."

Discover your dream internship at Schneider Electric 

If Natasha's story has inspired you to think outside the box and look at alternative career options, now's the time to contact Schneider Electric

Check out the company's career opportunities to start your new role. 


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