Schneider Electric empowers Caylin Burschs career progress

Schneider Electric empowers Caylin Bursch's career progress

 December 20, 2021

Caylin Bursch, Process Improvement Manager for Schneider Electric’s Customer Care Center, has been empowered to move around and grow in different areas as much as possible throughout her career at Schneider, and as such, now manages a continuous improvement team.

Caylin welcomed the idea of challenging the day-to-day way things are done, and with one of Schneider Electric’s leadership expectations being “dare to disrupt”, she has never really been afraid to upset the status quo.

"I like the fact that this is one of the values Schneider Electric abides by and expects employees to pursue. Daring to disrupt is about figuring out a more creative, effective way to do something and continually asking is there a better way to do this?" comments Caylin.

Offering programs that align with employee interests 

When Caylin first interviewed with Schneider Electric, the recruiter redirected her to another role based on her five-year vision. They recommended Caylin for a development program, which seemed more in line with what she wanted to pursue. Seemingly a perfect fit, the program aligned with Caylin's interests in energy efficiency and energy management.

 "I’m a person that likes to move around, try new things, and grow in different areas as much as possible. After graduating from the development program, I was eager to see where my future would take me. I was approached about a leadership role for one of the programs, which at the time wasn’t on my radar at all. The company saw in me the potential for a people management role, and my manager believed I was well-suited for the position. He encouraged me to go for it, which was good, because I’m not sure I would have done that without him putting the idea in my head in the first place," explains Caylin.

"That first leadership role allowed me to move up in the company, and as a result, I was coached as a brand-new leader on people management and leadership expectations. Since then, I have been able to move into different roles every year or two at Schneider."

Many paths and opportunities at Schneider Electric 

Discussing her gratitude for the many paths and opportunities Schneider Electric offers employees for professional and personal growth, Caylin also acknowledges the way managers recognize and value potential.

"A few years into my career, I became interested in continuous improvement but had no relevant experience at the time. I mentioned this interest to my manager, and he helped me make the right connections to learn more and interview for a position in that area. Based on my experience, skill set and background, I was hired for the job and it sparked a new passion for me. I became certified in continuous improvement, gained experience leading several projects, and now I’m managing a continuous improvement team. I am responsible for ensuring my team is aligned with our overall strategy and are set up to successfully lead projects that will drive efficiency for our business while reducing complexity for our customers," say Caylin.

Leaders helping others lead

During her journey with Schenider Electric, Caylin has been able to explore different paths for her future, with the company offering a myriad of possible career directions. 

"The opportunities here at Schneider are unique and so varied. It seems that whatever I’ve wanted to do or have been interested in, I’ve been able to pursue. Just by bringing up an interest in a particular area or segment of the business to my different managers and mentors, I’ve been encouraged to explore and learn more about it. They’ve connected me with the right people so I could further explore those avenues, and I believe that has been a key factor in my success in the company," says Caylin. . 

"I’ve had multiple mentors give me advice along the way, and I appreciate that they’re always there to help me navigate a path when I need it. In fact, it seems like everyone here wants to help you and goes out of their way to do it."

Encouragement to look at new ways of working 

Caylin emphasizes that the work she does every day is very meaningful, and that the problems she gets to solve daily are exciting and challenging, therefore keeping her days interesting.  She says, however, that "it is the people I get to work with that make me most excited about going to work every day."

Caylin suggests that "Schneider Electric is a great place to work. Their values are very much in line with my own, and I have such a deep appreciation for the culture and how we’re encouraged to look at new ways of working. I like that they are so open to change, always prioritizing new ideas and fresh perspectives while empowering us to be self-motivated. I also appreciate and am thankful for their strong leadership expectations. They believe in me, and it makes me rise up to what they know I can be. The company has such high standards, and because of that, we set high standards for ourselves."

"It’s not hard to exceed expectations when you’ve got that kind of support and belief behind you. Particularly when the company itself exceeds expectations at every turn."

Schneider Electric is an inclusive and empowering employee

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