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AECOM supports work experience candidates

 December 06, 2016

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Work experience can lead to fulfilling career with AECOM. Take Henna Mahmood who was on a “completely different route” in her career planning, but wasn’t happy with the choice she’d made. When it came time for work experience, her careers department recommended a few firms, but it was AECOM that stuck out for her: “Most research of the company led me to understand not only the success of the company but that the work they took on was complex and demanding which showed the adaptability of what they were capable of.”

Learning about civil engineering

“I knew work experience with a company like AECOM would result in me gaining a better understanding of the Civil Engineering route because AECOM brings into consideration all the different departments involved in construction projects as well as being an economically friendly company, one of the most important aspects of construction that many companies don’t address enough.

“I came in on the first day extremely nervous and left feeling satisfied that I had made the right decision.”

Securing a full-time role

Henna’s application was reviewed at the same time the team was looking for a Trainee Technician - the rest, as they say, is history. Henna is now working in AECOM Leeds’s transport department as a trainee technician. She’s using Vissim software for modelling, and amending and creating drawings on AutoCAD. 

Ask lots of questions - all the time

She loves being around so many skilled people, including having access to senior members of the team. And so far, they aren’t too annoyed with her for asking so many questions, she laughs.

“I was constantly asking questions, and as a result, other staff members mentioned they liked how I asked lots of questions and so was obviously interested in what I was doing. I definitely recommend that any work experience candidates should ask lots of questions. Also, I think gaining knowledge about AECOM through research is a great idea so that you know what to expect, and you can even prepare questions beforehand.”

A great career start at AECOM

AECOM hires interns and apprentices, and certainly welcomes work experience students. Find out more about working at this top global engineering firm.

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