LinkedIn recruits experienced professionals

LinkedIn recruits experienced professionals

LinkedIn's vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and this vision connects everyone at LinkedIn. By realizing diversity, inclusion, and belonging for its employees, members, and customers, LinkedIn gets closer to achieving that vision.

LinkedIn's strategy is to diversify the company and ensure that employees from all backgrounds are successful, with a focus on groups that are underrepresented today. By doing so, LinkedIn can move toward its vision of creating a thriving community of diverse professionals. 

Join the teams at LinkedIn

Each team at LinkedIn plays a critical role in bringing our mission, to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce, to life.  Learn more about working in these areas at LinkedIn. 

Meet Katerine Jimenez whoe works in Business Operations Associate at LinkedIn 

Katerine Jimenez works in the Business Operations Team as a Business Operations Associate.

“The culture at LinkedIn is truly amazing! I get to work with really talented teams who are constantly helping me grow and are invested in my development. As a member of the Business Operations team, I get to bring my full self to work, have fun, and do impactful work to make sure we accomplish our mission to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce," remarks Katerine.

Meet Daisy who works in Trust & Safety at LinkedIn 

Daisy works for LinkedIn in Trust & Safety. 

"I joined LinkedIn several years ago, and it’s been a phenomenal journey with many opportunities for career growth. It’s very rewarding to see my daily work fall in line with LinkedIn’s commitment to keeping the platform safe for our members. I’m truly grateful for the wellness programs, friends I’ve met through LinkedIn’s HOLA (Hispanics of LinkedIn Alliance) ERG and for being part of a team that encourages bringing your unique self to work!" says Daisy. 

Meet Leighton who works on Machine Learning at LinkedIn 

"I love the impact LinkedIn products have. For example, as our job matching numbers for LinkedIn Careers improved, there was a real impact on millions of actual people behind the number. That inspired me. I also enjoy the flexibility I have at LinkedIn. The job description frames my responsibility but doesn’t define me," comments Leighton, who works in Machine Learning. 

Meet Michelle Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at LinkedIn

"Our culture is one where we listen to employee needs. LinkedIn understands that our people need to be good in order for the work to be good and to serve our members best. With new wellness benefits, including Emergency Family Accommodation, I have the peace of mind I need as a wife and mother to do my best work possible," explains Michelle. 

Meet Allison Lewis, Group Manager, Consumer Market Research at LinkedIn  

Allison Lewis, Group Manager, Consumer Market Research, says, “I’ve worked at LinkedIn for over 7.5 years, so my friends often ask 'what makes you stay?' For me, it’s opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to triple the size of our team, and our research is regularly called out for supporting really important initiatives – from Trust to Equity to revamping our Premium product. I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to try out new roles and work with such incredibly smart, fun people that these 7.5 years have flown by!"

Meet Suruchi Shah, a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn  

Suruchi Shah, Senior Software Engineer, feels privileged to work for LinkedIn. 

“Working at LinkedIn has helped me play to my strengths. It’s an incredible privilege to work at a place where I can not only strengthen my technical acumen, but also participate and contribute to Women-in-Tech programs and committees championing culture and security," she explains. 

Join the many women thriving in the careers at LinkedIn 

LinkedIn creates a workplace full of great career opportunities. 

Enjoy the benefits of working for a company that listens to its employees' needs. 

Research the wide range fo jobs at LinkedIn and apply for your dream job.


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