Graduates at John Deere gain real-world hands-on experience

Graduates at John Deere gain real-world hands-on experience

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John Deere's early cadeer development programs are designed to provide recent graduates with an opportunity to gain entry-level, hands-on experience within their fields to help create a solid foundation on which to build a long-term sustainable career with thew company.

These programs consist of full-time positions that enable rotatations between two or more areas to prepare you for your next step in the company. 

John Deere Graduate Program

Diverse learning experiences 

John Deere offers development programs in:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Management
  • Agriculture & Turf Marketing & Customer Support 

Engineering Development Program 

John Deere's Engineering Development Program (EDP) is designed to focus on providing a wide breadth of development through a progression of rotations that expose participating engineers to foundational engineering knowledge and a broad-based understanding of in the areas of Manufacturing, Product and Quality Engineering. EDP participants receive mentoring from Deere leaders and world-class engineers while preparing for the needs of today and the vision of John Deere's future.

Information Technology Development Program 

The Information Technology Early Development Program (IT EDP) is a three-year rotational program in which new or recent graduates are recruited to become successful IT professionals at John Deere.  As an employee in the IT Early Development Program, participants are given an opportunity to develop an understanding of John Deere's products and IT services through two 18 month rotations. Rotations are driven by business needs and may be completed in the following areas:

  • Application Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Infrastructure
  • Mainframe
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Development
  • SAP
  • Security

The program also provides participants with the opportunity to establish a network of resources to support personal and professional development early in their career. 

Human Resources Development Program 

The Human Resources Development Program (HRDP) is a two-year rotational program in which new or recent college graduates are recruited to become successful HR professionals at John Deere. As an employee in the HR Development Program, particrpants are given an opportunity to build a solid foundation of HR knowledge and processes through a series of meaningful rotations. The program also provides participants with the opportunity to establish a network of resources to support personal and professional development early in their career.

Supply Management 

Supply Management professionals at John Deere have a variety of career opportunities including:

  • operational support (order fulfillment process)
  • cost management
  • logistics
  • strategic sourcing
  • supplier development
  • product delivery process
  • new product development

Assignments like these enable participants to demonstrate capability while contributing directly to the company's strategies and initiatives. In each assignment, particpants work to meet specific objectives, demonstrate knowledge and skills, and maintain a training regimen that develops the competencies needed for world-class supply management.

Ag & Turf Marketing & Customer Support

Interested in growing a career with a global, fortune 100 company serving a higher purpose – committed to those linked to the land? Want to work with an engaged team and grow a strong network of peers and colleagues that will last throughout your career? Have a passion for supporting a higher quality of life around the world? Interested in experiencing different areas of the business before determining next career opportunities? If so, apply for the Ag & Turf Marketing and Customer Support Development Program.

Hear from John Deere graduates 

Meet Jennifer from the Supply Management Development Program

John Deere Graduate

"I chose to do the Supply Management Development Program at John Deere because Deere is a company that invests in its people. I knew I would receive experiences and training that would advance my education in the field of supply chain management. Although I am early in my supply chain career, I have been given the opportunity to work on high stakes and high impact projects.  It is very satisfying to know that the work I am doing makes a meaningful contribution to the business," explains Jennifer, Supply Management Development Program.

Meet Brooke from the Marketing Development Program

John Deere Graduate

Brooke, Marketing Development Program, took part in two internships with John Deere, which is when she knew she wanted to work for the company after graduation.

"The Marketing and Customer and Product Support Development Program was the best fit for me to start my career with John Deere. Being a new employee, I was excited to have the opportunity to see different locations and parts of the business before settling into a more permanent role. My favorite part about the program is the networking opportunity. Each rotation you are put on a new project, in a new place, working with new people which is a great opportunity to meet people personally and professionally. Upon exiting the program, I will have a better network of fellow John Deere employees throughout the company because of my time spent in the development program," attests Brooke. 

Unleash your potential at John Deere 

Interested in John Deere's Early Career Development programs? Find out more then search and apply for a role best suited to your talent. 


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