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HCL CEO discusses ‘The Great Relearning’ revolution

HCL CEO discusses ‘The Great Relearning’ revolution

 January 27, 2022

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Around the world record numbers of people have quit their jobs throughout the pandemic - a phenomenon referred to as "The Great Resignation."

Alongside this trend, it seems that many people are choosing to retrain and learn new skills.

Subsequently, a talent crisis has fueled debate worldwide regarding whether this is "The Great Resignation" or a "Great Reshuffle."

HCL Technologies (HCL) Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director C. Vijayakumar suggests that we are at the tipping point of "The Great Relearning Revolution" and subsequently companies are needing to rethink their people strategies.

Furthermore, enrollment in online courses and tuition has been widely reported as having skyrocketed throughout the pandemic.

"We’re all aware of the fact that an organization’s success is enabled by its people. It’s time to turn this philosophy upside down – recognizing the fact that organizational success emerges when we become an enabler, when we create pathways to success for our people," explains C Vijayakumar.

To explore some of these ideas further, read the insightful article by C. Vijayakumar for the World Economic Forum. 

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