LinkedIn CEO discusses the workplace Great Reshuffle

LinkedIn CEO discusses the workplace Great Reshuffle

 February 21, 2022

According to LinkedIn Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Roslansky, employers and employees alike are going through a moment of change unlike anything we've seen before in the history of work - "We call it the Great Reshuffle," he explains. 

Rethinking working models, cultures and values 

Ryan emphasizes that we are in a time when everyone is rethinking everything. 

"Business leaders are rethinking their entire working models, cultures, and company values. At the same time, employees are rethinking not just how they work, but why, looking for opportunities that best match their needs -- whether that’s greater flexibility, better pay, or deeper fulfillment. At the core of it all is the beginnings of a new, more dynamic relationship between employers and employees," explains Ryan. 

Rewriting the playbook 

Ryan explains that managing this much change, especially all at once, is difficult. Ryan has received texts, calls and LinkedIn messages from other CEOs and leaders just looking for someone else to compare notes with in navigating the new world of work. 

"So, we recently took a look at the activity on our platform and surveyed more than 500 C-level executives in the U.S. and U.K. to understand how they’re thinking about work today and the changes coming in the future. Across the responses and the conversations I’ve had, there are a few things every business leader is thinking about," comments Ryan. 

Flexibility is the thing - Perhaps not surprising, top of mind for executives is the same thing that is top of mind for employees -- flexibility. With 87% of people saying they would prefer to stay remote at least half of the time, a majority of executives are focused on adapting to offer greater flexibility in the workplace.

Embrace the opportunity - "What’s more surprising - and most exciting to me - is that despite all this change coming all at once, executives are optimistic about the opportunity to rewrite their playbooks when it comes to hiring, skills development, and engaging their talent," enthuses Ryan. 

Perhaps the most telling data is the continued growth of remote jobs posted on LinkedIn, which has continued to rise over recent months. The share of remote job posts on LinkedIn grew more than 8.5 times since the start of the pandemic, increasing from 1.9% of global job posts in March 2020 to 16.3% in August 2021. And beyond companies continuing to post more jobs for remote roles, LinkedIn has also seen an increased interest from job seekers. For example, the share of U.S. remote job listings on LinkedIn attracts twice the share of views and 2.5 times the share of applications when compared against onsite job postings. 

We’re going to figure this out together - The best of intentions aren’t enough to manage a moment as complex as this. LinkedIn is the place where employees and employers can find the tools and community they need to navigate this new landscape and here are a few of the new ways we’re helping:

As companies shift the way they work, they need ways to signal these changes to job seekers. To help with this, LinkedIn is making it easier for hirers to list if their open job is remote, hybrid or onsite. The company is also making it easier to share how they are approaching the future of work on their Company Page, including testing or vaccination requirements, or whether they will embrace a remote, hybrid or fully in person culture. 

And job seekers can easily discover these companies and roles with dedicated remote, hybrid and onsite filters in our job search tool and within the Open to Work feature on Profile. 

Embracing change for the better

Ryan encourages employers to better highlight the shifts in the way they work in order to signal these to jobseekers, with LinkedIn now making it easier for hirers to list if the job is remote, hybrid or on-site - an attractive function for candidates. 

"And job seekers can easily discover these companies and roles with dedicated remote, hybrid and onsite filters in our job search tool and within the Open to Work feature on Profile," says Ryan. 

Engaging employees with trust and empathy

Ryan explains that with the global economy experiencing massive change, upskilling and reskilling have taken on a sense of urgency to leaders - close to three-quarters (72%) believe that training is crucial to helping people work effectively in a hybrid world. 

"If we see that change take place across all companies and all societies - and in ways that are inclusive of communities historically locked out or who have seen inequities exacerbated by the pandemic - we will see something big happen in the world. We will create the possibility of unleashing greater levels of progress and prosperity than ever before," explains Ryan. 

"Whether we achieve that or not will be the test of our time. The test of the Great Reshuffle. And, at least from where I sit, it all starts one connection, one conversation, one course, one hire at a time on LinkedIn, as our community shows, every day, that we are In It Together."

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